There are various organizations working for enrichment and conserving the valuable culture of India. One such entity working for the same is INTACH; Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. In 1984, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) was registered as a society and founded with the vision to create a membership organization to stimulate and spearhead heritage awareness and conservation in India. Today INTACH is recognized as one of the world’s largest heritage organizations, with over 180 Chapters across the Country. (


FILMIT is an internet-video system that helps children document and share their ongoing project work. It helps them to communicate with each other, to see the experiences of children in other Open Futures schools and, most importantly, to share their own via the filmit website. (


Filmit India is a partnership between Open Futures schools in the UK and 22 schools in Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. Working with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) Filmit India sees children in the two countries creating short films about their lives, their schools and their culture. By uploading them to the Open Futures filmit website schools across the country and the world can watch and comment on the films. The exchange has provided a means for communication between different cultures and not only helped children learn about each other’s cultures but it also engages them in new ways of seeing and understanding their own.

The Heritage Club team of The Palace School comprising of Harsh Goyal, Mishthi Agrawal,Yashshwi Nathawat,Prithvi Ramrakhani,,Shreshth Agarwal,Sivant Bindal,Vaibhav Golani,Shruti Mehta,Aditya Kothari,Hameer Singh Rathore,Irtiqa Khan and Siddarth Kothari , was fortunate enough to be the part of this national level campaign .A workshop was held in the month of August in which we were well taught about the peculiarities of making a film which involves various tasks like shooting, direction, scripting, editing etc. We were trained by professional coaches from UK and INTACH.


To create awareness about the local culture and heritage amongst us all, the idea of making films based on the same was put forward to one and all in the workshop[. There were varying themes based on which we were asked to make various two minute short films on national and local cultures.

Extending our journey with INTACH and FilmIt INDIA, we started putting our best efforts in this pan India motion. Easier said than done, shooting at various locations like Tonk, The City Palace, heritage walks, local markets of Jaipur involved a great endeavor though the learning experience was worth the sweat. From an elementary stage to the final coup, our teams put their enthusiasm and energy to manoeuvre this idea into a great success. After strenuous hustle and bustle, we were primed for the big day, FilmIt India festival, summoned at MGD school, Jaipur.

The occasion was a delight and treat for our eventful journey organized solely by Intach.The day was graced by Ms Rani Vidya Devi   and Ms Dharmendra Kawar from INTACH as chief guests.

Intach with its wide parameters and broad aims witnessed fabulous response with around 2000 short documentaries as entries from all over the schools in India. Out of which, five schools of Jaipur managed a good proportion.

Just after the warm welcome at the FilmIt festival, student representatives from respective schools presented poems, mime and limerick sharing their experiences while making films. Movies were showcased and we all held our breaths, waiting for the nominations and award winning ceremony to commence.

There were various categories like best film, best direction, best story, best cinematography etc.

The Palace School team discovered a magical moment when we won the title for best cinematography and best original story for two of our movies based on the kite bazaar and a mansion of gold aka ‘Sunehri Kothi’ in Tonk respectively.

The claps, cheers and smiles made the felicitation one of the finest and most proud moment for the Palace school family.

We thank INTACH, FilmIt and The Palace School for providing us the influential opportunity and hold a badge of fame in the success stories of The Palace School.



Our Recording Team

Our Recording Team

IMG-20150205-WA0020Meet our wonderful recording team. This team was the first lot of students to begin work for the Annual Day – as early as the month of October.

After spending hours and hours of brain storming sessions with Mr Aaroosh Sethi, our programme director, we finally settled on the theme of the annual day and specially the concept and script of both Snow White and Chhoti Si Aasha – which we have already spoken of.

Once the script was ready, Aaroosh went to work. He selected a team of 16 students to train them for recording the dialogues of both the plays.

What followed next was, hours and days and weeks of intense practice sessions wherein the students were given rigorous training in dialogue delivery, voice modulation, correct expression and diction.

The session bore fruit. The children were supremely confident as they entered the recording studio – and they delivered with aplomb.

Tomorrow, 6 February 2015, as you see the fabulous performance of our children, you won’t be able to stop yourself from appreciating the work of the recording team amongst others.

So get ready to sit back and enjoy the audio – visual bonanza of Chhoti Si Aasha.

The Recording Team

  1. Pulkit Jain                     -        VII
  2. Yashika Dhamani           -        VII
  3. Vaibhav Golani               -        VIII
  4. Yatin Patni                    -        VII
  5. Riya Moolrajani             -        VI
  6. Arsal Sheikh                  -        VIII
  7. Gunjan Payal                 -        VIII
  8. Raghav Agrawal             -        VIII
  9. Yashvi Mohta                 -        VIII
  10. Tanisha Gupta               -        VIII
  11. Himanshi Khanwani      -        VIII
  12. Aqsa Mirza                     -        VI
  13. Tanishka Dhama            -        VI
  14. Sankalp Kothari            -        VI
  15. Siddharth Kothari         -        VI
  16. Siddharth Chakrovarty -         IX


The Prop Team

The Prop Team



Working behind the scenes-quietly –is our wonderful prop team. They have put in back breaking hours of meticulous work to make some astoundingly beautiful props and stage properties. Be it the beautiful bejewelled crown of the king and the queen or the cute lanterns of the dwarfs or the wonderful musical instruments of the dancers-it is all a labour of love.
Our craft work maestro Mrs Rekha Karnawat ably assisted by Ms Alafiya Siddiqui, Ms. Tanu Sharma, Ms. Ruchita Goswami and Ms. Avika Kastiya. And of course a special mention of Mr. Raju Kumawat, who not only helped with the props but has also prepared a small team of budding sculptors who are going to make a beautiful sculpture for you live on stage. The young sculptors Siddharth Kothari, Khushi Sharma and Shruti Badaya are ready to surprise you with the deftness of their hands.


Chhoti Si Aasha

Chhoti Si Aasha

DSC_0392Chhoti Si Aasha is a hard hitting street play which is connected to the ‘Save the Girl Child’ campaign.

Enough has been said and shown on the plight of the girl child in our country. We are all aware of female foeticide, female infanticide, dowry deaths, girls being dumped in trash cans…………………here we bring this play with a slightly different perspective.

Chhoti Si Aasha explores the reason as to why our society has reached the point where we need to announce campaigns, hold protest marches and pass legislations to save the girl child.

In a country where women are venerated as Goddesses, where non-violence is the mantra given by the ‘Father of Our Nation’ and followed religiously by most religious sects……….how have we stooped down to a level where such a heinous crime is being committed by the common man without any qualms?

Superb direction by Mr Aaroosh Sethi and magnificent performance by our young acting maestros will surely give you goose bumps as we take you through one of the most thought provoking acts of all time.

Come and kindle the hope of a better, well balanced society together with us.

Yehi Hamari Chhoti Si Aasha hai !!

Annual Day 2015 – Schedule for 4th,5th and 6th Feb !!

Dear Parents,

The Palace School is celebrating its Annual Day on 6th February 2015. We look forward to your gracious presence on that day.

Kindly note down the schedule for the following days !!

4th February 2015

  • Students to report at Birla Auditorium
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm  (Usual mode of transport will ply)
  • Students must carry their lunch box, water bottle, diary, pen/pencil.

5th February 2015

  • Students to report at Birla Auditorium
  • Timings: 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm(Usual mode of transport will ply)
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their ward has had proper lunch before reporting for practices. He /She must carry their lunch box, water bottle, diary, pen/pencil.

6th February 2015

  • Students to report at Birla Auditorium at 12: 45 pm (unless specified otherwise).Usual transport will ply in the morning hours.
  • Students will go back along with their parents after the entire programme is over.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their ward has had proper lunch before reporting for practices. He /She must carry their lunch box, water bottle, diary, pen/pencil.
  • Kindly refer to the school blog/facebook page for fresh updates.

Please Note: On 6th February, kindly park your vehicles either in Central Park or Ashok Club.

Thank You !

The Great Indian Carnival

The Great Indian Carnival

DSC_0238The Great Indian Carnival is a musical bonanza  which will give a visual treat to your eyes with its vibrant colours and costumes. This superb fusion celebrates the glory of Indian culture. You will enjoy the cultural representation of all the four corners of our country, showcased in a very unusual way. The dance forms you will see represent the warmth and vibrancy of Punjab from the North, Kerala from the South, Kalbeliya from the West and Manipur from the East. The dance steps will be performed on fusion music to reiterate the rich cosmopolitan essence of our country. It will bring forth the feel of cohesion in diversity. Choreography by Altaf ably supported by Jeetu, Salman and Imran, has been brought alive beautifully by our wonderful children.

So get ready to groove along with the most interesting fusion of all times – The Great Indian Carnival.