Making of Annual Function 2010 & how it started.

“Success is a journey not a destination.”

The journey of making of ’India’s Tryst With Destiny’ has been such a beautiful journey. It was the month of June 2009 when I started to mull over the topic on which we would have our Annual Day. A tough task. I wanted the programme to have the elements of education as well as entertainment. It took me nearly a month to tentatively arrive at a decision that we should showcase India’s struggle for freedom Such a vast topic, where to begin ? I thought lets start at the very beginning from ancient India. And so after much research I started writing out scenes tracing India’s history from the coming of Aryans. Soon I was hopelessly lost. There was just too much ! How can one encompass the history of such a rich country in a programme which would not last longer than an hour ?

A Month’s work was torn to shreds and chucked into the dustbin. I was stumped, getting anxious day by day as the mind refused to work. Then finally towards the end of August I arrived at the decision that we should begin with the arrival of the Britishers and end with attainment of freedom. No doubt the topic is a bit clichéd yet evergreen. It is so important for the coming generation to be aware of our tumultuous past, to appreciate the sacrifices of millions of Indians, to understand that they have a legacy to nurture.

And so taking cue from Pandit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru’s speech given at the stroke of the midnight hour on August 15, 1947, came the title of our magnum opus (!) ‘India’s Tryst With Destiny’. The script was ready by the first week of December. This was followed by several sessions with Mr.Brijesh Saxena of Ashtha Group (our technical Partners for Productions) Several hours were spent over a number of weeks where in music was decided upon, the setting of the stage, lights props et all. Finally we were ready to go for recordings.

The first phase of recording involved the narration part that went off very smoothly putting me a false sense of assurance that recordings would be a Cakewalk ! But soon I realized that we were not at the half-way mark, in fact we had just began our journey, the hiccups & recording sessions were followed with lot of planning, choreography, costumes & presentations.

It has taken us many months of planning & hard work to reach a stage where we are really looking forward to presenting the Grande Finale to you on March 15, theres is so much to share about the preparation of this event but time is at a premium these days so I promise to share more as soon as I find a breather from the hectic activities going in preparation of this Mega Event. Till then keep visiting our blog to find daily updates, information, photographs and videos and more on the event.

Mrs.Urvashi Warman