Appreciation for Full Attendance

Full Attendance in an academic session is a very commendable feat and most of our students achieved that. Mrs Urvashi Warman, our Principal madam congratulated them while presenting an appreciation certificate.

Following students were given appreciation certificates for full attendance in the academic session 2012-13:



Aliza Khan Level I (Mowgli)
Paridhi Natani Level II (Valmiki)
Mannat Shandilya II A
Maahi Sonkhiya II B
Anuj Agrawal II C
Surbhi Agrawal II C
Akshat Patni II C
Vasu Khandelwal II C
Diti Jain II C
Mansi Dhamani II D
Priyanshi Chatter III A
Vatsal Tambi III B
Siddharh Kothari IV A
Aditya Khandelwal IV A
Sankalp Kothari IV B
Sanidhya Somani IV B
Sayali Badaya IV B
Sheikh Sadi IV D
Rudrakshi Vijay IV D
Sarth Sogani V A
Prachi Golecha V B
Sarthak Saraf VI A
Arsal Shiekh VI B
Palak Agrawal VII A

DSC04705Congratulations to all !!

Founder’s Day Celebration

Every year The Palace School celebrates its Founder’s Day on the 30th of Jan., which is our Founder Princess Diya Kumari ji’s birthday.


This year too, the students and staff of The Palace School celebrated the day in a fun filled way by putting up a special assembly, a mini fair and sports fun events.

We had special guests from Rays, Faith, Make a wish Foundation and Surman who joined us for the day and took part in the festivities.

The Princess was given a traditional welcome followed by a guard of honour, after which sheenjoyed visiting the stalls at the mini fair. The stalls such as ‘Tatoo and Face painting’, ‘Mehndi’, ‘Put the Bindi’, ‘Video Games,’ ‘Seven Up Seven Down’, ‘Fish in the Bottle, ‘Coin in the Bucket’ etc excited the elders and children alike. Everyone enjoyed the fair to the utmost.

AMS_8701 ed

Apart from the fair the children also enjoyed watching a movie and kids of Level I and II had loads of fun on the bouncies.

The special assembly started with felicitations for our Founder followed by an energetic dance performance on a ‘Ganpati’ song.  Special wishes on behalf of the school were conveyed  by Ayesha Gupta. Warmest birthday wishes were conveyed through a melodious song and a special presentation through musical instruments!! The last but not the least was the peppy dance by our talented kids in a Michael Jackson Avatar which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!!AMS_8595

As every year, this year also Princess Diya Kumari ji fulfilled the wishes of the children from ‘Make a Wish Foundation’. They thanked her profusely for making their cherished wishes come true.

Princess Diya Kumariji also cut the birthday cake with the children making it a truly unforgettable day for them.

AMS_8646 ed

The Sports Fun Events were ‘Ready to School Race’, ‘Three Legged Race’, ‘Piggy Back Race’ ,‘Relay Race’ and a ‘Cricket Match’ in which the students of The Palace School teamed up with the children from Rays, Faith, and Surman to win trophies for themselves. The audience as well as the participants had a thrilling time witnessing the fun events.

The prize distribution ceremony saw each and every winner beaming with pride on the victory stand. All in all it was a memorable day thoroughly enjoyed by each and everyone!!

AMS_8770 ed

We sincerely thank our Founder Princess Diya Kumari ji for guiding us at every step and we wish her a very beautiful year ahead !!!


Pooja Garg


Inter Class Competitions

Inter Class Competitions are a regular part of  students life in The Palace School. They motivate the students and teachers to put their best foot forward and also help in grooming the overall personality of the students.

Following are the results of two such competitions :

Hindi Recitation Competition (Class III)

Poem: ‘Paryavaran Ki Raksha’ 



1st III C and III B
2nd III D
3rd III A













Story Telling Competition (Class IV)

(Theme: “Christmas”) 




1st Aanya Agarwal IV A
2nd Atiksh Gidwani IV B
3rd Shivi Badaya IV C
4th Shivi Bansal IV D

story telling competition

Congratulations to all !!

Christmas Celebration


The Palace School celebrated Christmas in a colourful, joyful and lively way with the students warming up to the festive spirit even in the chilling cold !!

The melodious carols, beautifully presented dances, the enactment of the miracle of Lord Jesus’s birth all added up to one amazing cultural event. The students and teachers worked equally hard to put up the event that portrayed the enthusiasm and spirit of the festive spirit in each one of them.

The youngest of the lot, Level I and Level II kids, sang Christmas carols like ‘Rudolph the red nose Reindeer’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ in the most endearing manner. The Class I students spoke with aplomb about the relevance of  colours associated with Christmas and the Class II students enacted out the significance of decorating the Christmas tree every year.








The Santa was welcomed by excited hooting by the kids who embraced him lovingly and received lots of candies.

Mrs Urvashi Warman, our Principal madam stressed upon the virtues of kindness, giving, sharing and spreading hope and love to all. She implored the students to always strive to be good human beings and wished every one a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!




 -Pooja Garg

Grandparents Day Level I


Grandparents are very special to every child. They are the stalwarts of our families.Their knowledge is invaluable and their love unconditional.

To make such special people feel extra special The Palace School celebrated Grandparents Day for Level I. The grandparents were extended a warm welcome and a gamut of cultural programs was presented in front of them. The kids were excited to exhibit their skills and talent in front of their grandparents and the grandparents were so happy and proud to see their children perform so well.

The grandparents enjoyed songs, dances, karate presentation, poems and also loved receiving the gifts which the children had so lovingly made for them. 

Each one is so occupied in their busy routine that we tend to take our loved ones for granted. This coming together of grandparents and their kids was a memorable time for each one of them and they truly enjoyed every second of it.

-Pooja Garg

English Handwriting Competition

The Winners of the English Handwriting Competition which was held for Classes I to III are:

Class I




1st Jasleen Kaur I D
2nd Samaira Luhadia I A
3rd Sanvi Jain I D

Class II




1st Khushboo Dewnani II C
2nd Khushi Jain II C
3rd Cherish Pareek II A

Class III




1st Varidhi  Goyal III B
2nd Prakhar Lohia III B
3rd Tanuj Soni III C

Heartiest congratulations to all !!