School Timing Change for all Classes till March 15, 2010

Dear Parents,

As you are well aware, the annual day of the Palace School is on Monday 15 March 2010, there is a change in the school schedule due to the Practice sessions, Kindly note the changes in the timings of the school till March 15, 2010.

School Timing for All the Classes :

Sunday March 7, 2010 : 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Monday March 8, 2010 : 8.30 AM to 1.30 PM

Tuesday March 9, 2010 : 8.30 AM to 1.30 PM

Wednesday March 10, 2010 : 8.30 AM to 1.30 PM

Thursday March 11, 2010 : 8.30 AM to 12.15 PM (Pre-Primary Classes) | 8.30 AM to 1.55 PM (Primary Classes)

Friday March 12, 2010 : 8.30 AM to 12.15 PM (Pre-Primary Classes) | 8.30 AM to 1.55 PM (Primary Classes)

Saturday March 13, 2010 : 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM (Children to report directly to Birla Auditorium, Usual transport will ply.)

Sunday March 14, 2010 : 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM (Children to report directly to Birla Auditorium, Usual transport will ply.)

Sunday March 15, 2010 : Report to Birla Auditorium at 1.00 PM

Kindly send your children with water bottles, tiffin and diary on the above mentioned dates.


Kindly deposite Rs 400/- ( four hundred only) to the class teacher towards costume and make up  fees, by Sunday 7 March 2010. Please send one home dress along with the fees. The dress should be neatly  packed in a poly bag with the name and class of your child written on top .
This is for scene 7 and 9

Dear Parents

Kindly send your child with light basic make – up (foundation , face powder and natural lipstic) on the annual Day (15.03.10) . Footwear – slip-ons (not fancy ones) should be well labeled.

We request you to kindly adhere to the time given above else it will disrupt the practice sessions.

Thank you for your co-operation.

School Management

From the Desk of the Founder

I’m very happy to see that The Palace School has started its own blog. I think its an excellent platform to express ones views and also to showcase the talent of our children. I hope to see the children of our school become an active part of the blog. Parents and well-wishers can easily follow the school activities and also share their opinions and feelings with us.

In this age, wherein personal interactions between parents and teachers is not possible at intervals, this blog will definitely help to bridge the gap.

Khalil Gibran said, “Your children are not your children.They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts.
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls . For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday ——”

I congratulate the entire team involved in bringing out the Blog and look forward to see the parents getting benefited with the school Blog.

Princess Diya Kumari
Founder – The Palace School

ThePalaceSchool is now on Blog and Twitter

Dear Parents,

“Life is not just about the  milestones, it’s  about all the  moments in-between.”

Parents are always keen to know what their  kids do at the school, how they interact with  others, how the learning takes place and what  activities they are involved in. At The Palace  School, we have always made an effort to ensure  that the parents remain involved with, and informed about, the growth of their children at the school. Parent-teacher’s meetings (PTM) are a great way to share information about your kids with you, but we find that parents often want to know more …to be there and witness the growth of their child and the school first-hand.

Keeping this in mind, we have decided to start a new blog for our school.  A ‘blog’ is a website that ‘logs’ the activity of a person or an institute. It is like an elaborate online diary that records not just the events but everything in between too. We at the Palace School are now going to make an effort to post information about the ongoing activities at the school, important messages and notices for parents, school policies and special events at our new blog. We will also share with you images and videos from our special events and annual functions. These videos and images would not just provide you the details of the final events, but would also provide you with a glimpse into the time when we prepare the kids for these events. You might get to see your kid playing a prank with his friends, lost in her own world…or dozing right on stage! We will capture all these joys of the childhood and present them to you through this blog.

You would also be able to post your comments on this blog for specific posts, pictures and videos.

We have also integrated our blog with Twitter. You can now follow our tweets and all the important announcements would get delivered to your phone, if you have integrated your twitter account with your mobile phone.

Technology has made it possible to keep the education of your kids more transparent and share with you lots of details about the school policies, development and events. We hope you would enjoy this new channel of information and sharing. Do send us your feedback about this new initiative.


Mrs.Urvashi Warman