More updates on the Making of Annual Day 2010

Finally, I was able to get little more time to write something and send you more  update. Now everything is set. We have all taken a collective decision and no more  changes now , we have to concentrate on just polishing our act. The children are  wonderful ! It never ceases to amaze me how these little ones learn, unlearn and learn  again to perform so well in such a short time! It is a pleasure to see their beaming ,  excited faces as they wait for their cue to come up stage. Their confidence level is  heartening , as not a single child seems to be stage conscious nor does anybody seems  to be suffering from stage fright .

Although the pressure is rising, we are little nervous but deep within ourselves we know the event is going to be a wonderful learning experience for everyone, and here we keep our fingers crossed for the D-Day!

More details to be followed shortly, till then you can keep following our blog to find more updates, pictures and videos of the making we plan to publish in a day or two. If there are any suggestions or feedback you can leave a comment on the posts or send us a mail to


Mrs. Urvashi Warman