Can we imagine a world without technology today? Can we think of limits to a child’s creativity?  The obvious answer is No.

Children love to freely explore the world around them. To integrate the concept of ‘learning by doing’ with the theoretical concepts of maths and science learnt in the classroom, we at ‘The Palace School’ are proud to say that we have introduced ‘Robotics’ in the annual curriculum for classes IV to VI for the session 2011-12.

In the Robotics class the students get to design their own robots as part of a team, thereby encouraging team work and multi tasking, creative and lateral thinking, and at the end of all being filled with an exalted sense of achievement to see their hand-made models come to life !!

It’s truly an amazing sight to watch the little geniuses at work with utmost concentration and focus, grit and determination to get their model working at the earliest, and when it does, the rejoicing is unparalleled.

We just hope that this wonderful learning environment continues to get the support of the parents and is instrumental in directing the young minds of our students towards more productive and innovative thinking.

Mrs Urvashi Warman

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