Workshops conducted for teachers in the school


A workshop on time management was conducted by Mr Hemant Gupta,alumni of IIT Kanpur, for the teachers of the Palace School. He gave very useful tips on how to get the maximum output from the limited hours everybody has in hand.The most interesting aspect was that one cannot manage time because number of hours available to everybody is fixed,rather one needs to manage ones ownself, so the term TIME MANAGEMENT in itself is a fallacy.


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A two day workshop on latest trends in teaching/ learning methodology in Mathematics was conducted by Ms Archana Raj for the teachers of our school.Ms Raj ,who has 28 years of teaching experience in this field, shared some highly interesting and innovative techniques of teaching mathematics which would go a long way in making a child love the subject rather than fear it.

Both the workshops proved very useful not only for the personal growth of the faculty but also went a long way to enhance their teaching skills.

Thank you,

Mrs. Urvashi Warman