Our Recording Team

Our Recording Team

IMG-20150205-WA0020Meet our wonderful recording team. This team was the first lot of students to begin work for the Annual Day – as early as the month of October.

After spending hours and hours of brain storming sessions with Mr Aaroosh Sethi, our programme director, we finally settled on the theme of the annual day and specially the concept and script of both Snow White and Chhoti Si Aasha – which we have already spoken of.

Once the script was ready, Aaroosh went to work. He selected a team of 16 students to train them for recording the dialogues of both the plays.

What followed next was, hours and days and weeks of intense practice sessions wherein the students were given rigorous training in dialogue delivery, voice modulation, correct expression and diction.

The session bore fruit. The children were supremely confident as they entered the recording studio – and they delivered with aplomb.

Tomorrow, 6 February 2015, as you see the fabulous performance of our children, you won’t be able to stop yourself from appreciating the work of the recording team amongst others.

So get ready to sit back and enjoy the audio – visual bonanza of Chhoti Si Aasha.

The Recording Team

  1. Pulkit Jain                     -        VII
  2. Yashika Dhamani           -        VII
  3. Vaibhav Golani               -        VIII
  4. Yatin Patni                    -        VII
  5. Riya Moolrajani             -        VI
  6. Arsal Sheikh                  -        VIII
  7. Gunjan Payal                 -        VIII
  8. Raghav Agrawal             -        VIII
  9. Yashvi Mohta                 -        VIII
  10. Tanisha Gupta               -        VIII
  11. Himanshi Khanwani      -        VIII
  12. Aqsa Mirza                     -        VI
  13. Tanishka Dhama            -        VI
  14. Sankalp Kothari            -        VI
  15. Siddharth Kothari         -        VI
  16. Siddharth Chakrovarty -         IX