Annual Day 2015- Curtain Raiser


It is time for the Annual Day once again!! This year’s Annual Day is even more special as we will also celebrate our Founder’s Day together with it-although a bit late as it is always celebrated on 30th January.

The theme this year is “Chhoti Si Aasha”- a hope which will be expressed by our children about various facets of our life and community at large-that we shall be able to rise above the narrow, limiting thought processes which most of us have to come to adopt either consciously or unconsciously.

The programme brings to you a potpourri of causes mingled in an eclectic manner to whet your grey cells ….it will surely motivate you to don your thinking caps to ponder upon the situation we will bring to you with a pinch of humour and satire and of course loads of entertainment !

So here we go to start off on our daily updates on the magnum opus-“Chhoti Si Aasha”. You will get short write ups telling you about the concept and the thought behind each programme, bytes by our young star performers, snap shots of the practices…and more.

So get set ready to accompany us on this journey of “Chhoti Si Aasha” !!