Christmas Celebration

Jingle bells and carols all over…the festive feeling was back amidst The Palace School family just when the special arrangements were made for the celebration of one of the most recognized fête all around the globe- “CHRISTMAS”..!!

The day is always celebrated culturally and religiously as it tends to ring out the old year and ring in the new with the birth of Jesus Christ..!!


On 23rd December, everyone gathered in high spirits and as per the routine and custom, assembly commenced with a prayer followed by a thought and news headlines..!!

Later, what caused stir amongst us all, was the live performance by “the heart to heart foundation” along with their musical band “Souled Outs”. They performed the Christmas Carols which was indeed music to the ears. They even showcased their talent by presenting a skit on the life of “Jesus Christ” and his love for humanity..!!

At the end, everyone flung themselves together into the most chanted Christmas chorus “Jingle bells” with the feeling of festivity and love for Santa Claus deep down..!!

Last but not the least, our mentor, Mrs Urvashi Warman, our Principal Madam ushered all of us with her words of wisdom..!!

-Pragya Chandak