Teachers’ Day Celebration 2014

Be A Candle
Be A Light
Be A Twinkle
Be A Hope
Be An Inspiration
Be A Great Teacher Forever!!

We as teachers work throughout the academic year to try and stand upto the golden words written above..!

On 5th September every year, just like elsewhere in India, Teachers’ day is greatly admired with the same zest in the honour of all hard working educators of The Palace School family. Students express their gratitude and dedicate their appreciation for all their beloved teachers.

The celebration began with a special assembly in the Multi-Purpose Hall at 9:00 am. The onset was marked with a speech and then a song sung in Sanskrit (‘Mridapi Ch Chandan Asmin Deshe’) followed by delightful dance performances by our students of secondary classes. The Hall was decorated well and suited the celebration. Moment that stole the show was a surprise to the soulful foundation of our school; a gift to our Principal Ma’am; her portrait presented by our lovely children of class 9.









That was not all..! Just after all this, a surprise awaited us in the banquet hall of The City Palace. We got a superb opportunity to see our young beautiful talents; the students of the Palace School; walking on the ramp with the apparels designed using recycled paper and bin bags. The show was choreographed and organised by the fashion designer Ms Sonam Behl. It was a ‘dazzling’ show rather a dynamite..!!









The girls from classes VI to IX had put their heart and soul into the event aptly mentored and guided by Ms Sonam who truly inspired the future divas and created each and every moment with passion. The backdrop, the ramp and the entire ambience was a treat for the eyes. The confident gait of our girls was such a high for all of us and we profusely thanked Ms Sonam for all her efforts to make the day even more special. Mrs Urvashi Warman, our Principal ma’am also appreciated and felicitated Ms Sonam for her selfless dedication to the school.She also thanked Mr Harpreet Bagga and team, our light and sound partner and Ms. Sundra Bains and team , our hair and make –up partner.

And how can a celebration end without a ‘fun’ element in it. After the fashion show, we all were handed over a bowl of chits and were asked to pick one each. Each chit had a name of an actor/celebrity in it. We all mimicked the celebrity and staged our own one-minute composed performance, in groups though. The fun filled hoots and howls charged us all in minutes. We all were looking forward for more.

Another befitting event marked the day when students of the school watched the live telecast of our Prime Minister’s speech and interaction with the student’s community.

And yes, they had some more in store for us. And that was the picnic organised solely for the teachers of The Palace School. We left at 12:00 noon for The Cambay Golf Resort, Agra road. Well organised Lunch Buffet awaited us just after which we stormed in to relish the impressive facilities viz Indoor games, swimming Pool and a grand Golf course. We all were in high spirits throughout the day and none of us wanted it to end. But as they say, ‘All good things come to an end’ but hoping it would reappear soon.. !!

A Big Thank you from all the teachers to The Palace School family for making it the most memorable celebration !!

-Pragya Chandak

-Pooja Garg