Grandparents Day Level I


Grandparents are very special to every child. They are the stalwarts of our families.Their knowledge is invaluable and their love unconditional.

To make such special people feel extra special The Palace School celebrated Grandparents Day for Level I. The grandparents were extended a warm welcome and a gamut of cultural programs was presented in front of them. The kids were excited to exhibit their skills and talent in front of their grandparents and the grandparents were so happy and proud to see their children perform so well.

The grandparents enjoyed songs, dances, karate presentation, poems and also loved receiving the gifts which the children had so lovingly made for them. 

Each one is so occupied in their busy routine that we tend to take our loved ones for granted. This coming together of grandparents and their kids was a memorable time for each one of them and they truly enjoyed every second of it.

-Pooja Garg