My Thinking Skills – a workshop conducted at school

“My thinking skills” was a unique workshop held in The Palace School on Saturday 3rd April ‘ 10 It was conducted by Mr. Ashutosh Khurana, Director Mind Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.

We would often feel limited in our role as teachers, but this work shop has broadened our horizon and added a new dimension to our thinking process. The work shop focuss on the need to develop higher order thinking skills and life skills amongst students and teachers alike.

The programme was designed with the vision to participate in the process of making our future generation a force to reckon with by optimal realization of their natural talents. The work shop was completely focused on “Thinking”. It had four fundamental principles on thinking namely-

  1. Thinking Skills -> Where the teachers were told the importance of identification and cross checking.
  2. Thinking Concepts-> Where teachers were told the concept of problems and objectives.
  3. Thinking Processes-> Combination of thinking skills and thinking concepts.
  4. Thinking Models-> Where the teachers were given tools to work with.

The workshop helped us to identify problems in real life situations and classroom environment and also showed steps to reach the root cause of problems. This was done in an interesting manner through stimulating board games.


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We feel the programme will be highly beneficial for the children of our school. It will help them to develop the ability to achieve real life transference of the learnt Thinking skills and Thinking process. The programme uses the best of Thinking Tools and Games available across the globe to create a live experience in the class room in the various cognitive, Social and emotional situations to place the learner at the center of the learning.

It will empower the pupils with life skills which will take them beyond the classroom training and help them prepare for real life by the correct application of the same. The scientifically devised board game will mould their cognitive, social and emotional growth in such a manner that the children will be able to deal with real life situations better by knowing how to handle themselves mentally and emotionally.

Mrs. Bhavna Godha
Mrs. Kaashvi Sethi