Scouts’ Trip to Mt Abu

The Palace School Scouts group went for a week long adventure trip to Mount Abu under the guidance of Scouts Master Ms. Karuna S Trivedi .The mission of the trip was to imbibe the qualities of independence and make our children more self dependent and perfect role models for the society. They learnt how to survive and adapt in the toughest of situations with just basic needs and facilities available.IMG_20131024_081555

As part of their cultural development and to make them understand their duties towards the society the scouts participated in cleanliness drive and ‘Say No to polythene’ campaign at Arbuda Devi Temple.

The scouts were also given commando training and undertook daily trekking of about 8 kms. They visited Brahmakumari ji’s Ashrams where they got in touch with the philosophical side of life.

It was a memorable experience for most of the students as it was their first time away from home and parents. They learnt to make new friends, adjust in the new environment and still have a lovely time.

It was truly ‘Learning while having Fun’.