Teachers’ Day Celebration

The Palace School celebrated teacher’s day to honour the irreplaceable role that teachers play in shaping a student’s life.

The traditional welcome tikka , roses and beautiful hand-made cards adorned the teachers look further for the day. A vibrant cultural program comprising of songs, dances and a short play was put up by the students. The senior students came dressed as teachers and took care of the junior classes. They took over the responsibility from their teachers to respect and honour them on their special day.


Our Principal, Mrs Urvashi Warman, thanked the students for their wonderful efforts and the teachers for being so dedicated towards their profession.

A short dance session of students and teachers together made the day even more memorable for everyone alike.

Thereafter the teachers went for a day out at the Jaigarh Fort where they played various games, danced to the tunes of Rajasthani folk music , relished a sumptuous lunch and enjoyed the locales with full enthusiasm.

Each and everyone felt special and rejuvenated after the day’s celebration and thanked the school management for organising such a wonderful day for the teachers.