School Students’ Proposal For Jaipur Metro


DSC01472The Palace School’s pro-active social awareness program got a big boost as students of classes VI to VIII did a research on fare structure proposal for Jaipur Metro. They were represented by Aayushi Gupta and Abhinav Jain who submitted their proposal signed by some 150 students to the Chairman cum Managing Director Mr. N C Goel and other board members on 16th Aug, ’13. The proposal was for:

(i)           Charging a flat rate of Rs. 10/- irrespective of distance covered by all students in school uniform.

(ii)         Rs. 10/- for the 1st km/station and Rs 5/- thereafter for every subsequent station for all adults and commuters.

(iii)        Rechargeable card facility (top-up) be offered to avoid unnecessary queues at the metro stations. The top-up sum be unlimited for unlimited usage and time.

(iv)        Timing: 5:00 am to midnight