Art and Craft Competition

An Art and Craft Competition was held for the students of classes I to V on the 15th of April.Following are the winners of the competition from various classes.

Class I                                                                            Class II

1st    Aameena Moin  I A                                  1st    Rachit Bhatnagar II B

2nd Kavya Dhamani I C                                  2nd    Amishi Garg II C

3rd Lovisha Sanghi  I C                                  3rd  Manya Agarwal II D


Class III                                                                    

1st    Vidit Dawra III A

2nd Mannat Shandilya III C

3rd Aishwarya Kanda III B




Class IV                                                                               Class V

1st    Priyanshi Chatter IV B                                    1st    Shriya Agarwal V A

2nd Manya Choudhary IV A                                2nd Aqsa Mirza V B

3rd Prachi Badaya IV D  &  Anjali Agarwal IV B   3rd Kavya Poddar V D

Heartiest Congratulations to all !!