Yoga Camp

A yoga camp was organized in school on the 15th and 16th of April for the staff members and the students of classes VII & VIII. The camp was conducted by Swami Somya Shakti ji from the ‘Bihar School of Yoga’. The Bihar School of Yoga has completed 50 years, from its inception in 1963 to the present day, in the propagation of the science of yoga for the welfare of  humanity.









The mission of the camp was to educate students about the benefits of practising some yoga techniques which are specially beneficial for them to improve their concentration, alertness and memory power. Certain breathing and relaxation techniques and yoga asans were taught to the students for them to rejuvenate themselves even during the day when they may feel stressed out or tired.


The students and teachers alike really enjoyed the camp as it enlightened all of them about the age old benefits of yoga all over again.