Level I-Welcome Aboard !!!

Oh what a beautiful sight it was on the 01st of April, 2013 at The Palace School corridors. The corridor was filled with tiny toddlers in colourful vibrant dresses,(some were also in proper school uniform) towing along with their beloved parents. Little did the tiny tots realize that they will be parting with their whole souls ,albeit only for a few hours. :) It was their first day in The Palace School.











Well we have to salute to those who did it with grace and poise and also to some who did cry and pout at first , but then were very brave.












Among the brave and hearty were also the ones who just didn’t want to let go off their mummas and papas. It was a Herculean task for the teachers to take care of such cry babies, but with persevering love and care, they did manage to bring a smile on everyone’s faces.

A week has gone by and the transformation has been remarkable. The same apprehensive lot of toddlers are full of confidence and seem to own the place when they walk around and play in their classrooms or the play area.











It is a delight for the teachers and for the parents alike when they receive happily shrieking babies in their arms at the end of each working day.

Our best wishes to our precious lot !!