We welcome Level–I Children and Parents

Level – I children joined school today. What a special day for them and for their parents!  It touched my heart to see the parents and kids both looking more apprehensive than the other. Anxiety was writ large on their faces. Children were nervous in the new, unfamiliar surrounding and the parents seemed equally uncomfortable to leave their little ones in the care of virtual strangers – for that is what the teachers are to them at the moment.

Our teachers have gone out of the way, preparing welcoming activities for their children. They have taken special care to be familiar with the children even before they joined. The classrooms which are usually colourful, had an extra air of liveliness. I was impressed to see that many children fought hard to maintain to their composure. One could see the corners of their mouth drooping down ever so slightly with tear drops threatening to roll down from beautiful, innocent eyes. Brave Hearts. And then there were those who just did not like the idea of being pulled away from the secure presence of the parent to an alien surrounding and made sure their displeasure was known loud and clear

Teachers worked hard to maintain a cheerful ambience amidst screaming, bawling children – not an easy task, believe me. It took them less than half an hour to bring some semblance of order in their domains. Music, games and toys distracted the children and they got their first lesson in group activity and co- operation.


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Before we knew it, it was time for the toddlers to go home. Parents rushed to pick their wards, eagerly waiting to see whether he / she had a smile on the lips or a tear in their eye. Children ran to greet them – some with visible relief in their eyes, others with a reproachful hurt – how – could – you – do – this – to – me look and yet there were those who pulled them inside the classroom excitedly to show them the games they had played . Quite an eventful and memorable day for us.

I look forward to see these little ones pass out of the portals of this school, fourteen years from now.


Mrs. Urvashi Warman