Founder’s Day Celebration

You nurture the seeds of our thoughts,

You give us wings to fly,

You explore the artist within us,

You give us vision to think beyond the seventh sky.

For aiming high in life, You are our inspiration,

You guide us with a humble smile,

You consume yourself to make us,

Brighter and brighter.

And for all this we thank you Dear Founder !!

The students and staff of The Palace School celebrated their Founder’s Day on the 30th of Jan. It is a day of special significance as it is our Founder Pincess Diya Kumari ji’s birthday. A whole lot of celebrations were carried out for the special day.

Princess Diya Kumari ji and Maharaj Narendra Singh ji graced the ocassion.

A special assembly with the ceremonial cake cutting and colourful dances was greatly enjoyed by all. The special guests for the day were over a hundred children from NGO’s such as ‘Make a Wish foundation’, ‘Faith’, ‘Rays’ and ‘Surman’ , and they all had a wonderful time being part of the celebrations. The day witnessed the wishes of children from ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ come true and other children also received gifts from Princess Diya Kumari ji.

A special feature of the day was a live painting done by Ms. Manan, founder of Surman home for children. The lovely painting was then presented to the Princess. Ms.Manan has also recently set a world record for painting nonstop for 72 hours at the Statue Circle.

All the children also enjoyed activities such as a magic show, puppet show, mask making, interactive theatre session , an art competition,  movie watching and a whole lot of

traditional games which are almost completely forgotten in this era of technological revolution.The traditional games which were thoroughly enjoyed by the students were ‘Chain-making, ‘Sitoliya’, ‘Skipping’, Tug-o-war’,'Stapu’, and ‘Marbles’.

 With so much entertaining action packed in every second of the day, the day seemed to fly off in a jiffy and the children seemed to be asking for more. Alas ! We had to retire for the day and be ready for another day.

The Founder’s Day was indeed a very interesting, interactive, exciting and a memorable day for each member of The Palace School family !!!