The Final Countdown has just begun !!!

It is the D Day and as yet I have not spoken about the two acts which are very close to my heart –Bhayanak Rasa and Hasya Rasa.

Bhayanak Rasa was again a challenging task. The underlining emotion in the Bhayanak Rasa is fear. Going by the text of Bharat Muni’s Natya Shastra, Bhayank Rasa involved fear as evoked by wild beasts, ghost and ghouls and fear evoked by the king….none seemed to be relevant in this day and age. So we chose to depict how fear evoked by random acts of violence and terrorism governs our lives today. The act is completely different from all the other acts as it is enacted on the genre of street plays- fast, raw and hard hitting.

In complete contrast to Bhayanak Rasa and its enactment is Hasya Rasa. Comedy, as we all know, is extremely difficult to write, direct and enact. After deliberating upon several topics we finally decided to write a spoof on the blockbuster of yesteryears- the evergreen movie ‘Sholay’.

Without letting the cat out of the bag I would only like to say that the histrionic abilities of our young actors –their vocal and facial expressions and their perfect comic timing will surely bring a huge smile on your face.

It’s the show of you little ones. Some of them have taken ill at the last hour and I hope that they feel well enough to perform energetically-they have worked so hard and it’ll be truly disappointing if they are unable to participate at the last moment.

The program as you know begins at 5 in the evening. Please take your seats on time. I request you to carry your invitation cards as due to limited seats at the auditorium we have to be very particular about allowing only two people on one card. Kindly bear with us.  You are also requested to keep your mobile phones on the silent mode during the program as it may interfere with the sound system.

See you all in the evening!!



Urvashi Warman