Shant and Adhbhut Rasa


Two more days to go ! The countdown begins.  When I was asked which was my favourite Rasa out of the nine, I felt like a mother being asked who was her favourite child? Difficult, very difficult question for me. Just as each child has distinctly special qualities and is dear to the mother for different reasons, so is each rasa special to me in different ways….  If each rasa be compared to a child, then the naughtiest and most troublesome was the Shant Rasa. Contrary to its name this rasa has made me, the instructor Honey, the teachers and the children extremely  ‘Ashant !! ‘

Basically , this rasa is supposed to be the one which brings you to the emotionless state wherein you transcend all emotions  be it positive or negative — and rise to the  state of achieving Paramananda or the divine bliss. It definitely does not mean being at peace as the name suggests . It was very difficult to present this abstract concept in a way which would bring out the essence. We settled upon doing a  choreography . Brijesh , of Buskers , found the theme most challenging and more so when he had to sit hours with me and Aaroosh to select the right pieces of music for it…. Yes, he too became Ashant !

The choreography changed again and again and yet again …. till we felt that we had been able to make the entire theme of  Shant Rasa a bit less  abstract. But that is for you to judge on the 8th….

The next challenge was Adhbhut Rasa …. or the emotion of  wonder. While working on this emotion, I was struck by the fact that this was one emotion which was unique to humans.

All living beings experience love, fear, anger , jealousy etc. but  no one experiences wonder and amazement except for humans ! And what event could be more amazing than the birth of the universe? I felt very pleased to have chosen this topic but began having serious doubts when I started doing research on it. I was stumped. The topic was so vast. How was I to depict it when there were so many controversies existing even at the scientific level. The research became more interesting when I realized that this was one of the topics on which science validated what our scriptures talk about. I was amazed to see that the scientific theory of the birth of universe supports what the Nasadiya Sukta in the Rig Veda speaks —- about the universe beginning from the point of light——before the birth of time and space…. Can anything be more amazing than the fact that our existence started from a mere point ….  a minute hot dot ….

To do justice to the Adhbhut rasa , we need to have an adhbhut performance for you. So, to make our presentation truly wonderful our children will be doing a live painting for you on the stage along with the performance. A huge painting which will be completed within ten minutes in front of your eyes. This painting will showcase all the five elements – earth, water, fire , air and space for you as it is the intermingling of these five elements which led to the creation of  all that we see around us—- including ourselves.

I can promise you, the visual and auditory treat is sure to leave you overwhelmed and asking for more.



Urvashi Warman