Parents Day Celebration

Parents are the heart and soul of a child’s life. His world revolves around his parents. Laughing , pleading, demanding, playing, loving, pampering, all emotions are directed at the parents with the expectation of only one outcome-love.

The Level II students of our school got an opportunity to express their love and affection for their parents in a wonderful and vibrant manner, when they celebrated Parents Day.

The parents pride knew no bounds when they saw their little ones perform so wonderfully well.   ( a result of very regular and enthusiastic practices for the special day).

It was a moment of emotional high for the parents when they were warmly welcomed by the  traditional  ’tilak’ applying ceremony  by their kids and what a delight it was for the parents when they witnessed their children introduce themselves so confidently.

A fashion show made the parents cheerfully mindful of the fact that their children are already on the path of becoming elegant individuals.

The song presentation  ’ek batta do..’ , the dance performance on ‘papa kehte hain and papa ki pari hun mein..’, filled the parents with pride as they relived their childhood days through the endearing acts of the little ones. Poem enactments, montessori songs, shlokas, and karate presentation were the other highlights of the day.

A beautiful piece of art work  made by the students was presented to the parents as a memoir, for them to cherish forever.

Parents and their kids danced together and made the best of the quality time that they were blessed with.

Many thanks and compliments were showered on the teachers for the efforts put in , to make this event a memorable one.


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