Australia Day Celebration-Level I


Level I children of our school celebrated Australia Day on 11st Sept. They all looked wonderful in colourful and stylish dresses. The girls’ dresses gave even the most sought after designers a run for their money !!!

The handsome boys who came dressed as Australian cricketers looked even more pleasing and imparted a vibrancy to the whole program. Few students came dressed as Kangaroos and made the Australian ambience more meaningful .

The song  ’Kiwi…Kiwi…’ was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone as the tiny tots sang it beautifully, enjoying every moment of it.

The students eagerly answered all the questions when they were quizzed about the Australian landforms, monuments etc by our Principal Madam.

It was a fun yet educating event, in keeping with The Palace School ethos of Learning by Doing.

Thereafter the children relished the food such as cheese balls and fruit custard, and went back home feeling happy and excited about the day’s activities.


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