Teacher’s Day Celebration


When Lord made all tiny living babies,

He asked Goddess Saraswati,

Now you teach these noble souls,

And make then pure and whole.

So, said the Lordess divine

I can’t be there with every child

So I’ll send the holy beings,

Who’ll teach them everything.

And so came down the teachers,

The heavenly soulful creatures,

They teach us about life and teach us right and wrong

They make our soul so strong

They are our great respected teachers

and Lord’s real angels.

 -Isha Kothari (VI A)

These soulful words penned down by a student of our school aptly bring out the importance and significance of a teacher in today’s world.

Today when the youth is choosing the easy way out to lead their lives, without focus and direction, driven only by the materialistic attraction of the world, the role of a good teacher is to help them come back on the right track and lead a happy and contented life.

The students of The Palace School expressed their love and appreciation through a wonderful program put up on Teacher’s Day.

A beautiful bouquet was presented to Principal Madam as a token of love and gratitude. A presentation showcasing the teachers in their varied roles throughout the year was put together, and it certainly made all the teachers nostalgic and proud at the same time.

The program commenced by seeking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.

What followed were, the heartfelt prayers, a short play depicting the importance of a teacher’s advice, melodious song and dances on foot tapping music and a very soothing presentation of instrumental music.

The teachers became eager pupils when they were quizzed by their students. The right answers were rewarded and the wrong ones were rightfully penalized; albeit in an enjoyable manner.

Students and teachers got on the dance floor together ; where all inhibitions were abandoned and only happiness and gaiety prevailed; both for students and teachers alike.

Our Principal Madam, on behalf of all the teachers, thanked each and everyone involved in the show, for getting together to present the wonderful program, despite the lack of time for practices.

Thereafter the teachers went for a day picnic at The Gold Palace and Resorts. The whole day was spent with colleagues, in a completely carefree manner, enjoying the activities such as swimming, sports, dance , games etc. The teachers had a fun filled day , where they became children (a very welcome change from their daily routine) , and cherished each and every moment of the day.


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