Grandparents Day Celebration – Class I


Grandparents are the precious stalwarts of our families, and they have a unique bond with their grandchildren. In the course of our busy lives, we tend to forget their invaluable role in shaping our lives. The Palace School prides itself in giving an opportunity to its students to express their love and gratitude to their grandparents, on a day especially ear marked for them.

Class I students celebrated Grandparents’ Day on 30th August with much eagerness and excitement.

A traditional welcome was followed by a plethora of wonderful programs. The students had practiced for days together to put up a lovely show comprising of programs such as dance , both western and classical; song, poem recitation/ enactment, yoga display and instrumental music.

The efforts put in by the students and their teachers were commendable as everyone was very happy and pleased to see their children perform for them. The games played with the grandparents made them feel a part of the young generation which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The day’s program ended with lovely comments from our guests of honour, expressing their love and appreciation for such an event, that creates life long memories for everyone .