Europe Day Celebration-Level II

Level II students of our school celebrated Europe Day with pomp and glory on 28th August. The Guest of Honor, our Principal madam was given a warm welcome. The children were adorned in traditional European costumes (thanks to the efforts of the co-operative parents) and looked resplendent in them.

The program began with the introduction of various European countries, their flags, languages and costumes. The ever popular ball room dance and a Spanish dance were the highlights of the function. The young dancers swayed in beautiful rhythm and made it a delight to watch, for everyone present there.

The various questions being asked were confidently and eagerly answered by our scholars. Their pride in showcasing the knowledge of the continent was evident on their faces.

Dancing and singing go hand in hand. When we talk about Europe, can the French and Spanish songs be forgotten ? The children sang beautifully and made the audience feel happy and light-hearted.

Europe and fashion shows are synonymous in today’s world. Paris being the fashion capital of the world how could our dudes and divas stay behind? The audience was enthralled with a glimpse of Milan fashion week and the famous wax statue museum at London.

An exquisite piece of handiwork, a photo frame, made out of pasta was presented to Principal madam as a token of love and appreciation.

A small exhibition of handmade models depicting the famous tourist places, charts of animals, games and European cuisine was held which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

After the day’s function, it was time to relish the European delicacies, pizza and pasta which no doubt, our youngsters enjoyed a lot.


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