You did made rocked it..and it was an unforgettable experience !

Dear Team@ThePalaceSchool,

Since last few days, we all parents have been  following this blog where Mrs.Warman had been taking pains to share the hard work she and her team had been doing to make this show successful, and today I decided to take the privilege to write a post on the blog as a parent. Not from my side but on behalf of the entire community of parents & spectators, who were left speechless after experiencing the the euphoric moments of the spell-binding performance of all the lovely kids at such a small age.

I can safely say that today’s Annual Function “India’s tryst with Destiny” was made with sincerity, sweat, ambition, fun, patriotism and conviction. It grappled most beautiful & breath taking moments from the struggle of India’s freedom fight. The entire show had such a striking performance by the little kids from 3 – 1/2 t0 9 years age that it left every spectator speechless with into moments of tears, laughter & astonishment. It makes me wonder the kind of hard work would have gone to recreate this slice of history that explored the arrival of  Britishers, mutiny of freedom fighters, Jalianwala Bagh, scenes from the meetings of Gandhi ji, Netaji, Azad, Maulana, and then the Speech of Pt. Nehru “India’s tryst with Destiny” …all woven together with beautiful and breathtaking choreography. Today’s show not only reflected the emotions but also balanced form and beautiful content. Lavishly mounted and recreating India’s struggle for freedom with precision..this program left us speechless.

I had my share of goosebumps – some of the scenes like Jalianwalah Bagh, the massive assassination of freedom fighters & the performance on Vande Matram were absolutely spellbinding. The sequence of events that led to the freedom were woven so beautifully that all of us could not help but get transported to an era when British ruled India. If you were born in India, you must have seen so many freedom struggle shows that watching another program with this theme could be a hard thing to watch. This is because recreating history in a beautiful way is difficult task and with the limited resources & the kids at such young age it was an impossible thing to do…but – you all at palace school made it possible and we were all glued to our seats for the 2 hours only worrying about one thing “This show should not end and go on and on” ….the entire program talked about the fighters, their heroism, their contribution to India’s freedom movement so effectively and immaculately that you can’t help but salute all the little kids and the entire team behind it.

To sum up- The entire show was mesmerizing, hypnotizing & breath-stopping! The backdrops, sound effects, choreography, the beautiful costumes & finally the comparing in the commanding voice of Mrs Warman (some of you might not be knowing this…but the dubbing of the entire event was done by Mrs.Warman) and the performance of our little kids created such a beautiful show that it become deeply empowering, inspiring & appeared like a freedom epic. Kudos to the entire team that fibered the connective tissue tying it together in a flawless program that all parents like me would treasure for years to come. The show did succeeded in arousing patriotic feelings without a shred of doubt.

We are all proud of the entire team of Palace School & all technicians who gave their best and everything they had to bring together this beautiful show. We have our sincere regards especially to the Founder of School, Princess Diya Kumari Ji and our wonderful Principal Mrs.Urvashi Warman. You did it…and did it like no one else could have done it & I’m sure all parents share the same feeling as I do. Quoting one of the parent’s comment I’d end this note of thanks for all of you Team@ThePalaceSchool .. “The best investment you do in your life is your child’s education” ..and we parents are proud to make this investment already with Palace School.

Thanks once again…at the end…”Aal iZZ Well”


Ravish Gupta & all Parents & Viewers of the show

P.S . Dear Parents, If you share the same feelings as I do about the program & the entire team of The Palace School, please leave a comment and give your vote of thanks to them !