LEVEL I , Welcome aboard. The journey has begun.

At the break of dawn on 2nd April, 2012, many parents especially mothers must have woken up with mixed feelings of elation, apprehension, excitement and gratitude; for this was the morning when their munchkins were to go to their first formal school, as Level I students.

We, at The Palace School shared the same kind of feelings for that day in a much different flavour !! Teachers geared up to spread their warmth and love by way of a traditional welcome and warm smiles. The innocent expressions on the little ones’ faces spoke volumes about the dilemma of their hearts…. “Why is my mummy sending me away from her?” “Why is it that I have to go amongst strangers?”  “Why can’t I enjoy the rides with my mummy and papa in tow?” “Why do I have to go to this horrible sounding place –SCHOOL?”

The cry babies’ sounds echoed throughout the playing arena, with a couple of otherwise smiling kids deciding to join in the ‘symphony’, secretly hoping that their mothers would run to them. :)

And even before the clock struck 11 that day, our school corridors were packed with parents eager to pick their children and reassure them.

That was then. Today, the same parents are eager to drop their children to school and likewise with the children who are now more enthusiastic to be in school and enjoy their learning days.

The Montessori learning aids, which are so much fun to play and learn with, the colourful and welcoming classes, the tender caring teachers, the lovely rhymes, garden playtime etc, all make the children want to come to school, with a never seen before excitement.

It won’t be long before these kids will grow up into beautiful and happy human beings and we will be proud to have been the most important factor in shaping their lives!!!

So, dear parents cherish your kids; cherish these early years of your child. Time will not let them be the same.

Happy Learning !!


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