Australia Day and Africa Day !!

Australia Day and Africa Day, were two of the special days celebrated with kids of Level I.They danced, sang songs, relished the food from the Continents and thus experienced being a part of the Continent that they learn about.

A beach theme party was organized for Australia Day Celebration and the landmarks of the Continent were displayed by the dynamic youngsters, very keen to show off their newly acquired knowledge of the places. The smart Australians answered the questions put up very confidently and displayed a remarkable zeal to outdo their peers.


Africa Day saw the cute ones dress up as the fierce looking, yet gentle African natives, thus imitating their lifestyle. The children sang and danced on the African song, “Chey Chey Kooley”, and their enchanting smiles, conveyed their sheer enjoyment in the act.

The endearing histrionics of the children made for a very enjoyable and heart warming experience for everyone present there.

Enjoy the glimpses as well and watch out for this space for ‘Asia Day’ coming up …soon !!


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