Last few hours to go, the countdown has begun for the Grand Finale !

Dear Parents,

It’s the eve of the Annual Day celebration and all of us have butterflies fluttering in our stomach. We are keeping our fingers crossed against any last minute glitches. The children are amazing but we wonder – will the costumes and light distract them from their performance? What if one of them has a negative mood swing and decides to bawl his lungs out? Coz, in this eventuality ten others will follow suit!  They did look a bit disconcerted with the stage suddenly turning dark for change of scene. We had a level – I kid who was not happy at all with this new development and refused to let go of her teacher’s hand during the performance! So we had a teacher join in too .I remember, during the previous Annual Day, we had a group of level – I children marching in as European Soldiers. They refused to budge at the last moment! So their teacher very patiently wore the soldier’s headgear, took a gun in her hand and marched with the children for the scene! So, don’t be surprised if you see an adult’s face amongst the tiny tots. Our children’s comfort level is our utmost concern and if that means the teacher goes up on the stage – so be it.

We have just received news that one of the main historical characters may not be able to make it for the annual as his grandmother is very serious. We panicked. One evening to go, how do we get a character ready so fast ? We have planned an alternative. I hope we don’t have to use it. Another key character is hospitalized – extremely high fever. I wonder, if God forbid one or two more characters get indisposed…what will we do?

I would like to mention the hard work put in by the teacher to. All of them have been staying back till late evening, neglecting their homes and children just to get the back stage work organized. Some of them have risen above personal problems (very sick child at home, accident of the husband, examination, etc.) to fulfill their professional duties. Their team spirit, cheerful coordination (though we have had our share of flare ups too!), patience, sincerity and dedication are worth appreciation. Here’s a video shot by one of our teacher ‘Safiya’ when the rest of them were tired after long hours of practice sessions.

Though I am very confident that the program will be a success, yet, what makes me happier is the fact that each one of us – right from the Busker’s team, the children, class- IV employees, teacher’s to our office staff – everybody has put in their 100% and ultimately, I think, that is what matters.

We look forward to your presence tomorrow 15 March 2010 at the Birla Auditorium.


Mrs.Urvashi Warman