Important Announcement for Annual Function Day and Session Break.

Dear Parents,

Please read the following announcements and follow the instructions carefully for Annual Function Day’s reporting time & other events:

  1. Children must report to the BIRLA Auditorium at 1300 hrs (1.00 PM) Sharp.
  2. They should be dressed in the costumes given to them with appropriate footwear.
  3. Hair should be done up very neatly as instructed by the teacher in-charge.
  4. Children must carry their tiffin boxes and water bottles.
  5. Please send your child with a packet of safety pins & hair pins

Handing Over :

  1. After the programme is over parents are requested to proceed for light refreshments in the garden to the right side of the auditorium.
  2. We will take about half an hour to change the costumes of the children and regroup them according to their class and sections.
  3. Children will be handed over from Gate No. 1 & Gate No.2 facing the refreshment area. We will begin handing over from LEVEL I onwards. Kindly listen to your ward’s class being called out & only then come towards the gates mentioned.
  4. Please do not panic. Do not be in rush to collect your child as it will create a chaos. A little patience on your part will help us to function smoothly.

Session Break :

  • Term & Holidays begin from Tuesday March 16, 2010 till Wednesay March 24, 2010.

New Sessions :

  • New Sessions begins from Thursday, March 25, 2010(With summer timing – 8.00 am to 1.40 om) for children of Level 2 Onwards.
  • Level I will join school on Thursday, April 01, 2010.

We look forward to see you on our Annual Function on March 15, 2010.


School Management

We would be having another post from Our Principal on the Making of Event 2010. Please do check us back in few minutes for the last minute scenes from the making of Annual Function Day 2010