Continent Days

The children of Level II had a wonderful time when they dressed up, celebrated and reveled in the style of the Continents that they learn about.

North America Day, South America Day and Europe day was celebrated with a view to put in practice and experience what the kids learn in class.

A visit to every child’s haven-McDonalds was organised and an exhibition of the famous tourist places in the Continents, their art and culture, the famous food, animals and prominent architectural monuments was held for the children to marvel at.  

The young stars were dressed up in the Continents’ couture which made for a very appealing and overwhelming visual treat.

The children also relished the delicious food, such as banana split, corn salad, pasta and pizza  from the Continents which was served to them.

Our Principal ma’am was the special invitee on the occasions and the various questions related to the Continent asked by her were confidently answered  by the enthusiastic Americans and Europeans of the day !!


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