The students of class IV had an ‘appetizing’ day on 14th Feb as they celebrated  ‘Rajasthani food festival’.

The desert is one of the prominent physical features of our country, and what better way to  understand its significance than to celebrate the rich and varied foods available in the biggest desert state of India-Rajasthan.

The ‘Rajasthani’ platter so well arranged and displayed by the students was a visual treat for everyone. Our principal ma’am interacted with the students, pricking their curiosity about the desert area of Rajasthan.

No festival is complete without the songs and dances. Our talented students were no less in exhibiting their nimble feet when they swayed to the folk tunes of Rajasthan.

The team work, delicious food to savour, enriching interaction with Principal ma’am and dancing frivolity all made the day fun yet very fruitful !!