With a vision and mission to create awareness for  healthy lifestyle practices especially in terms of physical activity and nutrition, among the students, staff and parents , the school organized a ‘Wellness Day’ in association with RIDHM  Health & Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

The students of classes IV to VI were given a complete checkup in terms of measurement of height, weight, BMI, WHR and flexibility, along with an individual analysis and suggestion about physical activity routine based on the findings.

Even the teachers were given the same feedback based on the findings of various risk assessments.

The mini session on aerobics and exercises to keep one- self healthy and fit, was thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers alike.

The session with the class VI students along with their parents was very helpful in making them understand the physical routine and nutritional requirement of the preteen and teenage years.

The important facts about nutrition and exercise, essential for the holistic development were told and discussed with the parents, who would be instrumental in ensuring the same at their end.