Grandparents’ Day Celebration

Few can bring the warmth
We can find in their embrace,
And little more is needed to bring love.
Than the smile on their face.

They’ve a supply of precious stories,
Yet they’ve time to wipe a tear,
Or give us reasons to make us laugh,
They grow more precious through the years.

I believe that God sent us Grandparents
As our legacy from above,
To share the moments of our life,
As extra measures of His love.

Grandparents are the precious stalwarts of our families and are instrumental in shaping the very fabric of our lives. They lead us to the right path, holding our hands at every step, scolding us if we go wrong, encouraging us in our tough times, inspiring us to be the best and forever being the “Wind beneath our Wings…….”

What better way there could be for the young generation to express their love, respect and gratitude towards them than on a dayespecially dedicated to them!!  A day when the grandparents are the Guests of Honour and are felicitated rightly so. The Grandparents Day celebration by the school is a humble way, taught to the students, for letting their grandparents know their irreplaceable role in their lives. We believe that progress with values, ascent with firm roots of family bonds, and academic excellence with compassion are the essential ingredients for the holistic development of a child. Grandparents Day Celebration is a significant milestone in the child’s journey in our school.

A program specially prepared for the grandparents over days of regular practice and over brimming excitement, makes the day a much awaited occasion by grandparents and grandchildren alike.

Every class with their teacher’s help strives to communicate in the most loving, innovative manner, their deep rooted emotions for their guardian angels. At times, the teachers are mere facilitators as the children act with unforeseen initiative and energy to present the best for their grandparents.

All the classes right from the tiny tots of Level I to the young adults of class VI celebrated Grandparents Days from the 21st Nov to 30th Nov., 2011.

The hustle bustle of the days’ preparation in the school premises reminded one of a joyous family function where the members are seen running around with urgency and excitement to get everything in order before the Guests of Honour arrive, and once they do the rest is a cake walk with both the hosts and the guests having the most awaited interaction of the year !!

The traditional welcome extended by their own grandchildren who lovingly put tilak on the grandparents left  many, emotionally awestruck. Once the felicitations were in place, the heartfelt prayers, the emphatic speeches and the welcome songs paved the wayfor the beautiful program to commence.

The dear grandparents epitomize traditional values, rich heritage and culture and to say that their grandchildren also keep in sync with it , is not enough, as they say “What you see is what you believe”. Our students presented various traditional and folk dances to impress their valued mentors in the form of Kathak, Kalbeliya and Chari dances.

The vibrancy of the dances was such that the grandparents were overwhelmed to the point of actually willing to join in and be participative in the dance.

The harmonious chords of musical instruments created audible magic for one and all. The students playing the tunes of ‘Yeh sham mastani’, Zindagi Ek safar etc swayed our graceful audience to their golden days of effervescence.

Short skits presented in English and Hindi displayed the histrionics of our youngsters who played their parts very convincingly. The genre of the skits ranged from comic to fable and greatly entertained the grandparents.

The yoga and gymnastics formed an integral part of the function and greatly impressed the grandparents who saw their imparted value of ‘staying healthy’ come into existence through this.

Singing and dancing always go hand in hand. The soulful songs and the sprightly western dances so well presented by the students made for a complete entertaining day. The ecstasy of showcasing something new was evident when some of the students including our youngest stars of Level II, literally danced their way on skates, to the catchy tunes of “Jai Ho”.

Sharing and cracking of jokes, challenges of funny and witty riddles, recitation of poems and the thrill of various games played transported our guests of senior years to their young and carefree days and they connected with their grandchildren as if they were one with them. What a precious sight it was to witness the gathering giggle and wiggle with joy.

Our little stars of Class I, Level II and especially Level I deserve and merit a special mention, as they are most definitely the “apple of their Grandparents’ eyes”. The various programs so lovingly performed for them included, songs like ‘Dadi amma Man jayo’, Nani Teri Morni ko’, dances on Bum Bum Bole, and most enthralling Karate display. It was a first of its kind experience for the Level I children as well as their grandparents as they mingled and jingled in the revelry of the day. The purity of their bonding cannot be expressed enough in words, but the glow of happiness and love visible on their faces was testimony to this universal truth.

There can never be enough thank yous and love yous for the pious and unconditional bond shared between the grandparents and their children. ‘Thank you’, ‘Love you’, Cherish you’ and ‘Miss you’ cards were in order, made especially for the occasion by the students.

The function ended on a high note, with everyone fully satiated with the love and companionship of each other, and with the hope that the coming year brings much more love, good health and gaiety in everyone’s lives.


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