Competitions Galore

Fighting spirit, zeal to win and exuberance to be the champion..all this and more.. The students exhibit the grit of a warrior when it comes to winning for their class. Oh what effort and focus suddenly comes to the forefront which otherwise stays hidden. A completely brand new personality is unwrapped for the world to see.

Our students gave us a glimpse of their ambitious traits when they participated and emerged graceful winners in the various competitions held over the month.

Spellathon winners are as follows:

English Spell whiz: Arsal Sheikh from class V A

Hindi Spell whiz: Aayushi Gupta from class VI A

English Handwriting Competition winners are as follows:

Position                        Name                     Class

Class I:

I                                   Kopal Jain                      I A

II                                 Akshat Khanwani           I D

III                               Vasu Khandelwal            I C

Class II:

I                                   Harsh Vardhan Gupta        II C

II                                 Umang Bhatia                      II B

III                               Akshat Manihar                 II A

Class III:

I                                    Kavya Poddar                    III A

II                                 Noshi Agarwal                  III B

III                               Vanisha Vaid                     III C

Hindi Debate Competition :

Our prodigies spoke like skilled orators and mesmerized everyone with their level of confidence. The topics were:

Class V: “Padhai mein Sazaa Uchit Ya Anuchit ”

Class VI :”Pariksha Parinaam mein Grading Prakriya Uchit Ya Anuchit”

Every debater was out there to get the audience convinced with their point of view and win brownie points. The debate was an eye opener to the fact that the children have a deep insight into the areas that affect their school life directly and they have a strong hold on their opinions. They spoke with aplomb and won accolades so well deserved by each one of them.

The results are as follows:

Class V: Class Winner: Class V A ; Isha Kothari and Tanisha Gupta

Best Debater: Kaustubhi Gupta ( V B)

Class VI: Class Winner: Class VI A ;Yashashvi Nathawat and Prithvi Ramrakhani

Best Debater: Harsh Jain (VI B)

Heartiest Congratulations to all !!


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