Children’s Day and Sports Day

Yippppeeee!!! It was that special day of the year when no matter whatever one does or say can never express enough the beauty, the purity, the magic and the charisma of God’s most amazing creation and His very own manifestation…the children. Imagine a world without children, a world with all grown- ups and there would be nothing called the world. The world exists, revolves and emerges through children and their aura.

The Palace School takes extreme pride in the fact that the lovely bond shared between the teachers and the children forms the basis of a sound education system leading to a holistic development of each and every child of the school.

What better day to express this love for the children than Children’s Day!!

A special assembly conducted and presented by the teachers on this day filled our children’s hearts with unparalleled joy as they saw their mentors in an unimaginable avatar.  The teachers donned the hats of singers, actors and dancers all for the love of the children.

Singing the lovely ‘Aa le ke chalu tujhe aise gagan ke tale’ , enacting out classroom scenes with the same innocence and energy as the children and finally putting on the dancing shoes for the rocking Dhunki song and vivacious Senorita song, the teachers had  colourful performances ready for the children to relish.

And for sure they did as was evident in the innocent laughter and beautiful smiles of all the children.

Once the visual treat was over, the children geared up for the Sports Day to put their best ‘athletic’ foot forward and win accolades for their respective houses.

Her Highness Rajmata Padmini Deviji, Princess Diya Kumariji and Maharaj Narendra Singh Ji graced the occasion with their benign presence. Princess Gayatri Devi of Palitana was a special guest for the occasion. Their mere presence was an inspiration to our children who gave their best in all the sporting events, be it flat races, hurdle race, off to school race, sack race, three legged race or the wheel barrow race.

The teachers’ race and the helping staff’s race was the highlight for the children as they saw their elders in a ‘never seen before’ fashion.

All the events were thoroughly enjoyed and cheered on by the housemates of the athletes who ran towards the finishing line with utmost grit and determination to make their respective house the Champion.

The Peace house bagged the Champion’s trophy with the Courage house being the Runners- Up. Heartiest congratulations to all !!

We wish every day of our students to be as joyful and as cheerful !!


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