Come Diwali and with it, the festival brings oodles of cheer, happiness, brightness and gaiety. The symbolism of dispelling the darkness of evil and spreading the light of goodness came to meaningful existence with the students and teachers of the Palace school celebrating Diwali in school.

The special assembly was conducted by Class I children and a gamut of cultural programs was displayed by all the classes.

Class II presented a fun-filled dance spreading energy all around. Class III had a beautiful Diwali song for all. Class IV students mesmerized everyone with a melodious bhajan. Class V had everyone swinging to their feet with a fusion dance.

Most importantly amongst all the fun, the guidelines for a safe and eco friendly Diwali were not lost out. Class VI students read out the same and teachers demonstrated the safe methods of burning and bursting crackers.

The students had loads of fun in witnessing the crackers and went home with keen enthusiasm to celebrate the festival with family and friends.

We wish all the students and their loved ones A Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali !!


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