The gift of sight is perhaps one of the greatest gifts given by the Almighty to us. It is also one of the gifts which is taken for granted by one and all. Have we ever paused to think how the people, who are not blessed with this gift, spend their lives in never ending darkness? How does it feel when you cannot see the brilliance of the sun, the beauty of the flowers, the flight of the birds, the smiles on the faces of your loved ones…. how does it feel to live perpetually in darkness ? Do we even take out time to thank God when we see the rainbow in the sky, or even simple soap bubbles floating in the air ? We are so busy cribbing about things we do not get or things we are not able to do that we forget to be grateful for the simple pleasures that life has to offer us – by just being able to see.

‘Black’ is a sensitive dance brought to you by the children of The Palace School in an attempt to sensitize you towards the people who live their lives in darkness. There is something each one of us can do to bring light into their lives – and this is what the dance speaks about. The dance has been choreographed beautifully by Mr Farmaan Ali.

You will not forget this number for a long long time !!

Snow White

Snow White 

DSC_0421The popular fairy tale Snow White is brought to you with a slight twist in the tale. Get ready to witness the Machiavellian ways of the wicked witch queen, the heart warming antics of the seven dwarfs, the magic of the wonderfulfairies, the goodness of the elves and above all the endearing mannerisms of the lovely Snow White. You will fall in love with the cute inhabitants of the enchanted forest too. You will surely enjoy the foot tapping numbers of this wonderful English play which reiterates the hope of everlasting friendship.

A lot of hard work has been put in to bring this play to you. It started with long, arduous practices for dialogue delivery wherein the students very patiently underwent rigorous training to get the correct expressions, nuances and flawless diction. It was followed by long hours at the recording studio to record the dialogues and the background score of the play. And now, even as this write up is being written the young actors are busy honing their acting skills practising diligently, braving the chill in the air.

The twist in the tale will remain a mystery till the day of the show. We would only like to tell you that we brought the twist to change the image of girls formed in the traditional fairy tales-no more femme fatales needing Prince Charming to rescue them in distress! Kudos to Mr Aaroosh Sethi and his team for their superb direction and Mr Altaf Bhat and his team for brilliant choreography.

We are sure you will enjoy watching the play as much as we are enjoying getting it ready for you.

India’s Got Talent-Season 6






We are extremely proud and happy to announce that our instrumental music group “The Palace Peacemakers ” have cleared the first round of auditions for INDIA’S GOT TALENT- Season 6 !!
Yippieee !!!!!!! 
The talented students are :
Shreshth Agarwal,Arihant Mittal,Pulkit Jain,Manogya Rana,Ani Agarwal,Aviral Khandelwal,Harsh Golani,Prateek Singh Yadav
Ritwik Chandwani and Ananya Gupta.

Heartiest congratulations to them and their mentors Mr. Om Prakash and Mr Bhupender !!

We wish them all the very best for the second round to be held at Mumbai in Feb., 2015 !!


Annual Day 2015- Curtain Raiser


It is time for the Annual Day once again!! This year’s Annual Day is even more special as we will also celebrate our Founder’s Day together with it-although a bit late as it is always celebrated on 30th January.

The theme this year is “Chhoti Si Aasha”- a hope which will be expressed by our children about various facets of our life and community at large-that we shall be able to rise above the narrow, limiting thought processes which most of us have to come to adopt either consciously or unconsciously.

The programme brings to you a potpourri of causes mingled in an eclectic manner to whet your grey cells ….it will surely motivate you to don your thinking caps to ponder upon the situation we will bring to you with a pinch of humour and satire and of course loads of entertainment !

So here we go to start off on our daily updates on the magnum opus-“Chhoti Si Aasha”. You will get short write ups telling you about the concept and the thought behind each programme, bytes by our young star performers, snap shots of the practices…and more.

So get set ready to accompany us on this journey of “Chhoti Si Aasha” !!

Hindi Debate Competition

The Literary and Creative Club of The Palace School organized an Inter House Hindi Debate Competition on the 24th Dec., 2014, the topic of which was “Google Guru Jaankari Deta Hai, Gyan Nahi”.

The eminent judges were Dr Santosh Sanghi (Retd. HOD Hindi Department, MGD and Mrs Bharti Sharma (HOD Hindi& Sanskrit, St Anslem Pink City School,Malviya Nagar). The judges greatly appreciated the oratory skills of all the participants and applauded the efforts of the students !!

The winners of the debate competition were:

1st Position: Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II House(Manasvi Bansal and Shubhi Jain)

2nd Position: Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II House(Tanisha Gupta and Vasundhara Purawat)

3rd Position: Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh House (Mansi Agarwal and Kuhu Sharma)

Best Speaker : Tanisha Gupta

The participants were as follows:

Fatima Kamal Islam and Yashshwi Nathawat from Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh House

Mansi Agarwal and Kuhu Sharma from Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh House

Tanisha Gupta and Vasundhara Purawat from Maharaja Jai Singh II House

Bhavni Pareek and Raghvi Rawat from Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II House

Manasvi Bansal and Shubhi Jain from Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh House II House