Welcome Class of 2028 !!

The very first day in school for Level I kids !!!!…… Heart filled with a gamut of feelings…excitement, anxiety, happiness, pride, apprehension to name a few !! and these are not the children but the parents we are talking about :)



2nd of April 2014 was the first day of school for the Level I kids at The Palace School. The school corridor adorned with cheerful balloons and teachers eager to receive the newest batch with a traditional ‘tikka’ ┬ápainted a very auspicious picture for the day.


O! what a wonderful sight it was !! Some children were extremely confident and happily let go off their parents’ hand while others did not budge from their parents’ laps. And not only did the children howl and cry even the parents were teary eyed on seeing the ‘apple of their eyes’ embark on the most significant journey of their lives !! We saw mothers and fathers smiling through their tears at sending off their wards in the outside world for the very first time !!

Once the children were taken to their beautifully decorated classrooms by their loving teachers, some were amazed, some started enjoying and bonding with their newly found friends while some others even dozed off in their teachers’ laps !!IMG_20140402_091220

4 days gone by and the change has been remarkable. The children are so confident now and have readily accepted their school as their new home away from home. They even celebrated Red Day today !! The parents and children alike are now happily settled and are seen joyfully parting ways in the morning albeit for 4 hours :)

We are delighted to have such wonderful children in our school and we heartily once again welcome our ‘Class of 2028′ !!

-Pooja Garg