Inter House English Debate Competition

An Inter house English Debate Competition was held on the 28th of November for the students of classes VII and VIII.

The topic of the debate was ‘India should adopt one child policy’.

The eminent judges were Mrs. Urvashi Warman (Principal, The Palace School), Mr. Sushant Kocher (Co-ordinator, The Palace School) and  special invitee Mrs. Nisha Gupta (an independent training professional who has been responsible for managing, training , coaching and mentoring thousands of employees in the corporate sector).

The speakers from all the houses spoke vociferously for and against the motion leaving the audience and the judges spellbound. The judges praised the efforts of the students who spoke with such ease and confidence.

Mrs Nisha Gupta also interacted and shared some insightful tips with the students regarding how to overcome stage fright and speak confidently in public. The students were very happy and inspired to witness such a riveting debate competition.

The speakers were as follows:

Compassion House- Isha Kothari and Yashvi Mohta

Courage House-Aayushi Gupta and Tanisha Gupta

Peace House-Irtiqa Khan and Naviksha Jain

Harmony House-Himanshi Khanwani and Somil Goyal


And the winners of the competition are as follows:

Best Speakers: Aayushi Gupta (Courage House) and Isha Kothari (Compassion House)

Ist Position : Compassion House- Isha Kothari and Yashvi Mohta

IInd Position: Courage House-Aayushi Gupta and Tanisha Gupta

Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners!!!




Sports Day 2013-14

The Annual Sports Meet of The Palace School was held on the 13th and 14th of November, 2013. There was a gamut of track and team events for all the classes.


The Sports events were inter-house and the students had been eagerly waiting for the Sports Day wanting to contribute to their houses. The sports field resembled a platter of colours , mixed with palpable excitement and cheering.The field painted an amazing picture of the revelry befitting the Children’s Day !!

The slogans, the cheering and shouting for one’s house , the nervousness at the starting line, the exhilaration at the finishing line and the pride at the victory stand, were all the perfect ingredients for a thrilling , adrenaline packed Sports Meet 2013-14.

The Sports Meet was declared open by Mrs Urvashi Warman, our Principal madam which set the mood for the day with extreme enthusiasm.

The Level I & II kids participated in Balloon Blast race, Ball in the bowl and flat race. Their energy and spirit was commendable.

Classes I to VIII took part in various events such as 50 m race, Relay race, Wheel Barrow race, Go to School race, Lemon Spoon race, Hula Hoop race etc.

The team events such as basketball, cricket and skating also witnessed unanimous uproars for one’s house.

The Sports Meet saw every member of The Palace School enjoy the sporting event. The drivers and conductors, the nannies and the teachers of the school also took part in fun races and got the taste of victory so well reminiscent of their childhood.

The prize distribution ceremony was followed by the announcement of the Best House which was the Peace house followed by the Harmony House. The Peace house students and teachers celebrated with gusto and the other houses vowed to take this coveted trophy next year.







Scouts’ Trip to Mt Abu

The Palace School Scouts group went for a week long adventure trip to Mount Abu under the guidance of Scouts Master Ms. Karuna S Trivedi .The mission of the trip was to imbibe the qualities of independence and make our children more self dependent and perfect role models for the society. They learnt how to survive and adapt in the toughest of situations with just basic needs and facilities available.IMG_20131024_081555

As part of their cultural development and to make them understand their duties towards the society the scouts participated in cleanliness drive and ‘Say No to polythene’ campaign at Arbuda Devi Temple.

The scouts were also given commando training and undertook daily trekking of about 8 kms. They visited Brahmakumari ji’s Ashrams where they got in touch with the philosophical side of life.

It was a memorable experience for most of the students as it was their first time away from home and parents. They learnt to make new friends, adjust in the new environment and still have a lovely time.

It was truly ‘Learning while having Fun’.


The Cyber Olympiad 2013, organized by Unified Council was held on 6th of September 2013. Following are the merit holders from each class. They have all been awarded with a merit certificate and gold medal.

Palaksh Goyal Class II
Krish Garg Class III
Parth Batwara Class IV
Yatin Patni Class VI
Bhavya Sharma Class VII
Abhinav Jain Class VIII
3 students from Class V have also been selected for Level II of the Olympiad. They are:
Samarth Goyal, Sankalp Kothari and Siddharth Kothari
We wish them good luck for the next level.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the medal winners !!