Accolades in NSTSE 2013

In the NSTSE 2013  which was held on the 27th of Jan., four students from our school won gold medals and merit certificates for their achievement in the exam.

They are :

Siddharth Kothari of class 5 for being the School Topper.

Atiksh Gidwani from class 4  for being the Class Topper.

Arsal Sheikh from class 7 for being the Class Topper.

Varun Singh for being the Class Topper.


Heartiest Congratulations to the winners and best wishes for future success.



Yoga Camp

A yoga camp was organized in school on the 15th and 16th of April for the staff members and the students of classes VII & VIII. The camp was conducted by Swami Somya Shakti ji from the ‘Bihar School of Yoga’. The Bihar School of Yoga has completed 50 years, from its inception in 1963 to the present day, in the propagation of the science of yoga for the welfare of  humanity.









The mission of the camp was to educate students about the benefits of practising some yoga techniques which are specially beneficial for them to improve their concentration, alertness and memory power. Certain breathing and relaxation techniques and yoga asans were taught to the students for them to rejuvenate themselves even during the day when they may feel stressed out or tired.


The students and teachers alike really enjoyed the camp as it enlightened all of them about the age old benefits of yoga all over again.

Session on Memory Enhancement

The students of classes VI to VIII got the rare opportunity to interact with Dr. Kaushal Sharma as part of a session on Memory Enhancement organised by 360 Degree Change Transformation Pvt Ltd.

Dr. Kaushal is a renowned memory specialist. He has organized his memory workshops in many reputed schools, colleges and universities across India.  He has been working in the field of memory sharpening since last 10 years. More than 65000 students have benefited from his scientific techniques .








The students were absolutely intrigued by the simple and easy to implement methods for improving focus, concentration and memory.  The students will be getting the opportunity to further master these techniques in a workshop to be held on the same during the summer camp.


First Day of The New Session

The first day of the New session 2013-14, was a refreshing day for all the students of classes I to VIII.

The students came to school with  mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension, wondering about their new class teachers, new classrooms and new classmates. To make the children feel absolutely comfortable and welcome in the new surroundings the teachers had planned a gamut of fun activities for all of them.

DSC00214 ed

DSC00253 ed







The children had a lovely time getting to know their teachers and classmates through the various activities such as art and craft, dancing ,singing, elocution, extempore etc. They also played various games that washed away the anxiety of the new environment.

By the end of the day we had a happy bunch of students who felt absolutely invigorated and ready to take on the new session.

DSC00243 ed

We wish them stupendous success in all their endeavours !!

Level I-Welcome Aboard !!!

Oh what a beautiful sight it was on the 01st of April, 2013 at The Palace School corridors. The corridor was filled with tiny toddlers in colourful vibrant dresses,(some were also in proper school uniform) towing along with their beloved parents. Little did the tiny tots realize that they will be parting with their whole souls ,albeit only for a few hours. :) It was their first day in The Palace School.











Well we have to salute to those who did it with grace and poise and also to some who did cry and pout at first , but then were very brave.












Among the brave and hearty were also the ones who just didn’t want to let go off their mummas and papas. It was a Herculean task for the teachers to take care of such cry babies, but with persevering love and care, they did manage to bring a smile on everyone’s faces.

A week has gone by and the transformation has been remarkable. The same apprehensive lot of toddlers are full of confidence and seem to own the place when they walk around and play in their classrooms or the play area.











It is a delight for the teachers and for the parents alike when they receive happily shrieking babies in their arms at the end of each working day.

Our best wishes to our precious lot !!


Important Notification


Dear Parents,

Kindly note the schedule for tomorrow  i.e 6th April, Saturday.

Classes III to V : Non-Working Day

Classes VI to VIII : Working Day from 8:00 am to 10:30 am

(Note : Non-working day for classes I & II as usual.)