Class I Parents Day

tender care

Love, patience, grace and charm,

Protecting us from every harm.

Our parents’ smile,

Inspires us to go mile after mile.

Such is their essence,

That fills our lives with fragrance,

Never fading, never receding

Always brimming, ever fulfilling.

Guiding us in our lives,

Helping us to strive,

To make every dream come true,

O! dear parents, we love you !!

–Pooja Garg 

(A parent)

Our little stars of class I celebrated Parents Day on the 20th and 21st of Feb. The function was a celebration of the most beautiful bond in life, that of a child with his parents.

The function was an eclectic mix of shimmer, glamour, talent and tradition.

A traditional welcome with prayer and ‘shloka’, followed by welcome speeches commenced the day’s program. A vibrant Rajasthani folk dance saw the boys and girls swaying to the tunes of the famous desert song.

The deft fingers of the talented class I boys worked audible magic on the casio and mesmerized everyone present in the audience.

A short skit portrayed the daily grinding routine of the parents who nevertheless always put up a smiling face for their children.

A heart warming song and a one of its kind shadow dance left the audience with moist eyes as the lyrics coupled with the pure and innocent gestures of the children brought out the depth of every interaction between the children and their parents.

The parents couldn’t thank the school and its staff enough for the good values imbibed in their children by the diligent teachers. The program concluded with a Thank you note and a special address by our Principal Mrs. Urvashi Warman who also thanked each parent for being an inspirational influence in their child’s life .


The students of The Palace School witnessed a special assembly on 13th Feb., where the TEAM CLEAN JAIPUR delegates comprising of Mrs. Anita Sangwan, Avi Dandiya, Mayur Tiwari, Amit Badia, Raghvendra Singh, Viren Singh, and Rajiv Awasthi were accorded a warm welcome.

Mrs. Sangwan briefed the students of the urgency and need to spruce up the city, free it of uncontrolled garbage proliferation and stop them who indulge in unhealthy open-air activities!

Our Principal Mrs.Urvashi Warman also immediately accepted TEAM CLEAN JAIPUR’s invitation to participate in the Sunday Drive on 17th Feb., at Choti Chopar.

Most of the students of classes 6 & 7 volunteered to sacrifice their Sunday holiday and  help out in this drive as young crusaders.






The students along with other school students went around the Choti Chopar(Kishenpole) ably assisted by the Police Department personnel. The students went around handing messages to stall owners, shop keepers, residents to keep their vicinity garbage-free, to dump garbage in dustbins provided by the Jaipur Municipal Corporation, and ensure that the door-to-door rag/garbage picker is appreciated for his daily rounds and to make his life easier by off-loading their waste on time .






It was a mammoth task but our students took it upon themselves as young responsible citizens of Jaipur to advocate and educate about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in and around our living and working places.



Field Visits by the students of The Palace School

The students of the school are taken on frequent field trips to give them a taste of the real experience in various fields.

Level I students had a lovely time at the zoo. The children were heard squealing with joy on spotting the animals.













Level II students visited McDonalds as part of the study of the continent Europe.













Class VI and VII students studying French language were delighted to be taken for a visit to the French restaurant C’est bon. The ambience gave the feel of being in a miniature France. They relished French breads such as ‘croissant’ and ‘baguette’ along with flavoured coffee, muffins and cookies.







The visit was as exciting as enriching for all and we heard the children talking to each other and saying C’est Bon (Its’s good).

Laurels to the school

Tanisha Gupta of class VI brought laurels to the school when she secured the First position in the Inter school Semi -Classical Dance Competition , held at Neerja Modi School, Jaipur.

Heartiest Congratulations!! We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

English Handwriting Competition

English Handwriting Competition was held on 5th of Feb. for classes I, II and III.

Three students from each class were given certificates for excellence in English Handwriting.

Class I

Aanandita Sharma  I D

Mansi Saraf             I A

Palaksh Goyal          I B

Class II

Aryan Somani        II B

Krish Garg            II B

Preeyanshi Tuli     II C

Class III

Harsh Vardhan Gupta   III C

Om Jain                        III D

Saumya Agarwal            III B

Congratulations to all !!


Drawing Competition

A drawing competition was held on the 30th of January for classes I, II and IV as part of the Founder’s Day Celebrations.

The topic for class IV was ‘India of my dreams’.

The best three entries from each class were given appreciation certificates.

The certificate winners are:

Class I

Raghav Koolwal (I B)

Raghav Agarwal (I B)

Lagan Jain (I C)

Class II

Mannat Shandilya (II A)

Priyanshi Tuli (II C)

Nehal Jindel (II A)

Class IV

Dev Sonkhiya (IV C)

Aditya Kothari (IV D)

Rudrakshi Vijay (IV D)