Fruit Salad and French Activity

Fruit Salad Activity

Children are the connoisseur of junk food these days. Therefore to encourage healthy eating habits in them The Palace School conducted a fruit salad activity for class I. The various fruits brought by the children to school were used and a healthy colourful and delicious salad was prepared for them in the school pantry.

The process of cutting and mixing up of the palate tickling salad was very exciting for the children to watch. They were then served the salad during brunch time which they truly relished as a feast with friends.

French Activity

Students of class VI & VII participated in various communicative activities based on their academic curriculum of French .The activities were as follows:

1. Role play in which they performed simulated dialogues in French based on their day to

2. Best out of waste with the message of ‘SAVE THE MOTHER EARTH’

Students created models with the theme of best out of waste and wrote French slogans.



Grandparents Day Celebration -Classes II, IV, V

Grandparents are the pillars of our families. They are a delightful blend of laughter,caring deeds, wonderful stories and unconditional love !

The Palace School earmarks a day especially to pay our respect to the stalwarts of our lives. A celebration such as the Grandparents Day acts as a reminder for the grandparents and the grandchildren of the precious bond they share despite feeling disconnected due to the fast pace of their lives.

The children of classes II, IV and V celebrated this special day in school with lot of enthusiasm. The mere presence of grandparents in school made the class II children squeal with joy . Class IV and V students had pride in their eyes on introducing their grandparents to their friends and teachers. A warm welcome followed by special prayers and welcome speech commenced the day’s function.

A plethora of cultural programs was presented by the eager grandchildren. The program comprised of lovely instrumental music, dances both group and solo, songs which had the grandparents tapping their feet, short skits and cute poems by the children. The skits brought forward the good habits and values so lovingly inculcated in the children by their grandparents. Leading a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance and the children demonstrated this fact through yoga asanas and gymnastics, performed by them with amazing ease. Interactive games played with grandparents made them feel one with the kids and made them nostalgic of their childhood days.

Dancing with their loved ones and sharing their own childhood memories was the highlight of the celebration.

Joy and pride was inevitable on each of the Grandparents’ faces. They all had a refreshing and memorable day as also summed up by some of the lovely comments given by the Grandparents.

The students & Grandparents alike always look forward to this special celebration every year.

Merry Christmas

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way 

Santa Claus is coming to town

Riding on a sleigh !!!!!

The children of our school celebrated Christmas with lot of fervour and joy. A special assembly was conducted on this occasion and all the students got together to put up a marvellous cultural program for all to see and enjoy.

The little ones showcased how baby Jesus was born in the manger and how the world came to know about His birth. The Kings who visited Him and how the star guided them to the Lord !! His birth was then celebrated by singing carols such as ‘Give me oil in my lamp’, ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer’, ‘deck the hall’, and ‘Jingle Bells’.

Various dances brought about a party mood to the whole celebration depicting the joy that everybody around the world experiences on this special day when Jesus Christ was born.

Students also made a presentation in which they showed and spoke about the ornaments with which the Christmas tree is decorated. The significance of the tree and each of its ornaments was told and how each ornament is symbolic of the story and the legend of Lord Jesus’ birth. The audience really enjoyed  listening to the significance of each element that goes into the decoration of the Christmas Tree .

A short skit rightly depicted how this festival is not just about show off of various decorations and delicacies that have become so synonymous with Christmas these days. It is truly about the love, joy, happiness and peace to be spread all around us by small deeds of kindness and love.

A short and powerful message by our Principal Madam to all the students reminded all those present that ‘There is no joy like the joy of giving ‘. So let us be more giving, kind and compassionate towards all living beings. Only when we are truly humane in our thinking and behaviour can the world be a truly happy and lovely place to live in . That is the true essence of any festival and the message that it brings with it.

Thereafter Santa Claus’s visit was the much awaited highlight of the day. All the children went back a happy lot relishing each and every moment of the colourful celebration that they had in school .

We wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas !! We hope and pray that the festival brings lots of joy, love ,peace and prosperity in your lives.