Admission Schedule for the Session 2013-2014


SESSION 2013-2014

 Under Section 12 (I) (C) of RTE

Entry Level Class in School – Montessori -I

No of Total Seats  – 90

No of Seats under 12 (I)  (C) of RTE – 22

No of Seats available for General Category (other than RTE provisions) – as per following categories.

  • 10 Seats  – Siblings
  • 10 Seats  – 2nd Girl Child
  • 10 Seats – Management preference
  • 5 Seats  – Wards of Staff of The Palace School
  • 33 Seats  – General
  • Forms available upto                                     –      5 December 2012
  • Last date of submission of forms                  –      7 December 2012
  • Date of draw for siblings &  wards of staff of The Palace School – 13 December 2012
  • Date of draw for seats under 12 (I) (C) of RTE   -14 December 2012
  • Date of draw for 2nd Girl Child                     –      15 December 2012
  • Date of draw for management preference    –      17 December 2012
  • Date of draw for General Category – 18 December 2012

If any seat is not filled in by specified category then the same will be filled in from General Category.



Mrs. Urvashi Warman

We Did It !!


WE DID IT !! Thank you to all dear students, teachers, instructors for all the long working hours, for sacrificing holidays, for non stop practices, for complete sincerity and dedication and above all for maintaining good humour even under stress and pressure.

Thank you dear parents for your presence and enthusiastic response at the auditorium.

I am sure, just like me, you too must be feeling extremely proud of the superb performance put up by the children. THEY ROCKED !!

I take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy Diwali. Looking forward to see all the children back in school on Monday, 19th November 2012.




Urvashi Warman

The Final Countdown has just begun !!!

It is the D Day and as yet I have not spoken about the two acts which are very close to my heart –Bhayanak Rasa and Hasya Rasa.

Bhayanak Rasa was again a challenging task. The underlining emotion in the Bhayanak Rasa is fear. Going by the text of Bharat Muni’s Natya Shastra, Bhayank Rasa involved fear as evoked by wild beasts, ghost and ghouls and fear evoked by the king….none seemed to be relevant in this day and age. So we chose to depict how fear evoked by random acts of violence and terrorism governs our lives today. The act is completely different from all the other acts as it is enacted on the genre of street plays- fast, raw and hard hitting.

In complete contrast to Bhayanak Rasa and its enactment is Hasya Rasa. Comedy, as we all know, is extremely difficult to write, direct and enact. After deliberating upon several topics we finally decided to write a spoof on the blockbuster of yesteryears- the evergreen movie ‘Sholay’.

Without letting the cat out of the bag I would only like to say that the histrionic abilities of our young actors –their vocal and facial expressions and their perfect comic timing will surely bring a huge smile on your face.

It’s the show of you little ones. Some of them have taken ill at the last hour and I hope that they feel well enough to perform energetically-they have worked so hard and it’ll be truly disappointing if they are unable to participate at the last moment.

The program as you know begins at 5 in the evening. Please take your seats on time. I request you to carry your invitation cards as due to limited seats at the auditorium we have to be very particular about allowing only two people on one card. Kindly bear with us.  You are also requested to keep your mobile phones on the silent mode during the program as it may interfere with the sound system.

See you all in the evening!!



Urvashi Warman

Shant and Adhbhut Rasa


Two more days to go ! The countdown begins.  When I was asked which was my favourite Rasa out of the nine, I felt like a mother being asked who was her favourite child? Difficult, very difficult question for me. Just as each child has distinctly special qualities and is dear to the mother for different reasons, so is each rasa special to me in different ways….  If each rasa be compared to a child, then the naughtiest and most troublesome was the Shant Rasa. Contrary to its name this rasa has made me, the instructor Honey, the teachers and the children extremely  ‘Ashant !! ‘

Basically , this rasa is supposed to be the one which brings you to the emotionless state wherein you transcend all emotions  be it positive or negative — and rise to the  state of achieving Paramananda or the divine bliss. It definitely does not mean being at peace as the name suggests . It was very difficult to present this abstract concept in a way which would bring out the essence. We settled upon doing a  choreography . Brijesh , of Buskers , found the theme most challenging and more so when he had to sit hours with me and Aaroosh to select the right pieces of music for it…. Yes, he too became Ashant !

The choreography changed again and again and yet again …. till we felt that we had been able to make the entire theme of  Shant Rasa a bit less  abstract. But that is for you to judge on the 8th….

The next challenge was Adhbhut Rasa …. or the emotion of  wonder. While working on this emotion, I was struck by the fact that this was one emotion which was unique to humans.

All living beings experience love, fear, anger , jealousy etc. but  no one experiences wonder and amazement except for humans ! And what event could be more amazing than the birth of the universe? I felt very pleased to have chosen this topic but began having serious doubts when I started doing research on it. I was stumped. The topic was so vast. How was I to depict it when there were so many controversies existing even at the scientific level. The research became more interesting when I realized that this was one of the topics on which science validated what our scriptures talk about. I was amazed to see that the scientific theory of the birth of universe supports what the Nasadiya Sukta in the Rig Veda speaks —- about the universe beginning from the point of light——before the birth of time and space…. Can anything be more amazing than the fact that our existence started from a mere point ….  a minute hot dot ….

To do justice to the Adhbhut rasa , we need to have an adhbhut performance for you. So, to make our presentation truly wonderful our children will be doing a live painting for you on the stage along with the performance. A huge painting which will be completed within ten minutes in front of your eyes. This painting will showcase all the five elements – earth, water, fire , air and space for you as it is the intermingling of these five elements which led to the creation of  all that we see around us—- including ourselves.

I can promise you, the visual and auditory treat is sure to leave you overwhelmed and asking for more.



Urvashi Warman

The Making of the Annual Day

The excitement in the school is palpable now. Each and every corner is alive with action-starting from the parking area within the school , moving on to the front lawns, basket ball court, football field, tennis court, dance hall, activity hall, library…..there is not a single place which is not a hub of activity either for practices or for making props. The only place which has a deserted look is the classroom !! There is a festive air all about.

One visit to the library makes one stand still. The entire library has got turned into a prop mart. A team of dedicated teachers sit here quietly working quickly, efficiently with nimble fingers, getting the props for the show ready. It is amazing to see how quickly they understand the requirement of every scene and are able to create the required prop within a couple of hours !! The show would not be possible without their beautiful handiwork.







When I look at the work going on behind the scene, it resembles the working of a machine. Just as a machine would not be able to function without each and every part working in unison, similarly nothing would be achieved without each and every unit of the programme working in perfect harmony and I feel happy and proud to say that the working has been harmonious.







I thank all my teachers and students for working so enthusiastically and happily. I know everybody is stretched to their limits with all the hard work but what is appreciable is that the smile stays in their eyes and on their lips. I can safely say….we are ready for 8th November.

Are you ???



Urvashi Warman

Important Notification for the Annual Day Practices

Dear Parents,

Kindly note the schedule for the following days:

5th Nov.’12(Monday) – Children should be dropped and picked up from Birla Auditorium.  Timing- 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. School transport will ply as usual.

6th Nov.’12(Tuesday) – Regular working hours in the school premises. Timimg-(9:00 am to 2:00 pm)

7th Nov.’12(Wednesday)- Children should be dropped and picked from Birla Auditorium for the dress, sound and lights rehearsal. 

Timing- Class II-  2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Classes III to VII - 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

School transport will ply as usual.

8th Nov.’12 (Thursday)ANNUAL DAY- Children should report to Birla Auditorium sharp at 1:00 pm. School transport will ply as usual only in the afternoon. Children will go back with their parents after the programme is over.