Independence Day Celebration


Sare Jahan Se accha Hindustan Hamara !!

What a swelling pride fills each Indian’s heart when they hear these lines!! The same emotion was witnessed when the students of The Palace School paid tribute to their motherland on the 66th Independence Day, by putting up a colourful cultural program.

The day commenced with the flag hoisting ceremony. Thereafter what followed can be rightfully be called a treat to the eyes. The students of class III presented a well synchronized instrumental music presentation. The effervescent class II children looked resplendent dressed up as Army, Navy and Air Force personnel. Their smart march reminded us of how grateful we all should be to these real heroes who sacrifice a lot so that we all could lead a safe and secure life.

A lovely dance enactment by class I children left everyone spell bound as the presentation took us to the borders of our country where our soldiers fight for their country. It was a heartfelt tribute to the martyrs who laid down their lives, fighting for the honour of their nation.

Our national symbols, which we tend to forget, in the normal course of our lives were well reminded to us by our young tots who were so dsc07214beautifully dressed up representing The Emblem, Lotus, Peacock, Hockey player, Tiger and the legends who wrote national anthem and national song.

“ Jahan Daal Daal Par Sone Ki Chidiya Karti Hai Basera….Woh Bharat Desh Hai Mera ….” . This song was presented by Class II children who wore traditional costumes of various Indian States and represented “Unity in Diversity”, the essence of India.

A small skit by class III students brought out the secularism of our nation and the irreplaceable role played by the “Father of the Nation” in laying  the foundation of a free and secular India. The finale of the program was a colourful dance presented by the nimble footed students of class II and IV.

A patriotic song competition was held for classes V, VI and VII, that had the audience swaying to the tunes of patriotism.

Winners are as follows: Class VB, VI A and VII B.

The celebrations came to an end but the thought provoking address by our Principal madam certainly paved the way for a new perspective towards Independence and Freedom , for our students. She stressed upon, “Freedom comes with responsibility” and if everyone understood this universal fact then there would be peace all around as.

“Happy Freedom to All !!! ”


Lessons Come Alive- Visit to the Zoo

ZOOClass II children studied about “Animals-Our friends and Wild Animals” in school and to make them see the wild life in reality, they were taken for a visit to the zoo. It was a welcome break for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

The sight of so many wild animals especially the Lion- “King of the Jungle”, the white tiger, deer and black buck all had our students shrieking with joy.

They loved watching the monkeys and baboons do the naughty maneuvers that they are famous for!!

They had a wonderful time “Bird watching.” Birds like pelicans, stork, flamingoes, geese, and ducks were seen and it was a feast to their lovely eyes.

All the lessons were aptly revised when they saw the hyena, eagle and recalled that these help to clean the forest as they feed on dead flesh. They saw Emu- the big and feathery bird but were again amazed to recall that it can’t fly.

The trip had a perfect end when the children settled down comfortably and relished the various goodies sent for them by their mothers. It was a day well spent – learning the fun way!!

Grandparents Day Celebration

Our grandparents are an epitome of strength, culture and tradition and hence a day earmarked especially for them has been The Palace School’s tradition.
Classes VI and VII celebrated Grandparents day on the 31st of July to honour them for their invaluable wisdom. The students gave them a warm traditional welcome by putting ‘tilak’ and pinning up hand -made badges.

Once the felicitations were in place, heartfelt prayers, heart- warming speeches commenced the day’s program.

A well –knit cultural program was presented for the special guests comprising of semi classical dances, melodious songs, enactment of hilarious stories, orchestra of musical instruments and lots of riddles as well as games. It was a full on entertaining day for the grandparents symbolic of the love, affection and respect that their grandchildren have for them.

 There can never be enough thank yous and love yous for the pious and unconditional bond shared between the grandparents and their children. ‘Thank you’ cards personally made by the students were presented to the grandparents who went back home feeling elated and fulfilled with the precious time spent with their most beloved members of the family.

Workshop On Phonological Awareness


“Teach the children to read so they can read to learn”

For every child reading is the key to success in school, to the development of out-of-school interests, to the enjoyment of leisure time and to personal and social adjustment. In the modern school, effective reading is the most important avenue to effective learning. Difficulty with reading is by far the most common characteristic of a student with learning difficulties. It is estimated that 90% of all children identified as having learning difficulties are referred for special education services because of reading problems.

 One cannot learn to read in isolation. Its dependence on other psychological processes cannot be emphasized enough. Reading is very closely related to other Neurodevelopmental Constructs – memory, language, attention and higher order cognition (Dr Mel Levin). Unfortunately, our schools fail to give reading its due importance and the child is expected to learn to read “automatically” without any formal instruction. Thus sowing the seeds of labored reading which has lifelong ramifications.

After the overwhelming response this workshop has got in schools all over the country, ORKIDS, in its attempt to enhance reading of students, is initiating a workshop on PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS in Jaipur. Phonological awareness is the foundation of skilled reading. It opens up numerous vistas for the children who can then use reading to further their learning.

Once equipped with the multisensory phonological teaching skills the instructor/teacher/educator can easily transit onto enhancing the fluency and the reading comprehension of the children.

The workshop will be conducted by Ms Geet Oberoi , Founder President , Orkids Multidisciplinary Clinics, who  has trained with Ms Arlene Sonday, the developer of The Sonday System, the multisensory, phonological program to teach how to read and spell.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND                                                                                                        

  •   Elementary school teachers
  •  Primary school teachers
  •  Teacher trainers
  •  Special educators
  •  Speech and language therapists
  •  Parents and interested individuals


  •   To equip the participant with the sequence of rules pertaining to teaching the students to read and spell.
  •  To apprise the participants of the importance of multisensory input.
  • To acquaint the participants of various resources/aids which can be used to enhance phonological awareness of the students

Venue :            The Palace School, The City Palace, Jaleb Chowk, Jaipur.

Date :                 25th August 2012 

Timings :       10.00 am to 2.00 pm

Fees:                  Rs.  1,450/-  

[Cash / DD in favor of 'Orkids Foundation']

On spot fee: Rs. 1,600/-

Limited seats on first come first serve basis.

 For registrations contact:

1. Delhi – Ms. Renuka Kochhar, 16/7 Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019. Contact no: 011-40529564, 9811633346. Email:,

2.  Jaipur- Yashwardhini Chauhan, Counsellor, The Palace School, The City Palace, Jaipur. Ph: 8107829977, (Call Timings 12 noon. – 2 p.m only), Email

Last Date for Registration : 21st August, 2012


English Recitation and Rakhi Making Competition


English Recitation Competition for classes II and I was held on 30th and 31st of July respectively.

All the students put their best foot forward and after days of diligent practice recited the poems wonderfully well. The efforts of class I students were admirable as they had come up on stage for the first time in school.

The winners are as follows:

Class 1st Position 2nd Position

Rakhi Making Competition was held on 01st of August for classes I to VII. The students exhibited their creative best in the competition and left the judges spellbound with high dosage of resourcefulness.

The winners are as follows:

I Shourya Sogani          I A Ayesha Gupta             I C Samika Ahmed       I C
II Nandika Gajawat      II C & Vedushi Sareen II B Priyanshi Tuli           II C Dhrati Patni            II B
III Om Jain III D Umang Bhatia               III B     &    Saumya       III B Sumit Raman       III B &  Kalkrat Bafna   III C
IV Arnav Jaipuria     IV B Aditya Kothari       IV D Aarushi Batwara    IV A
V Yash Mittal  V A Simran Agarwal         V A Shubi Jain  V A

Manogya Rana V A

VI Mehak Chandwani  VI A Surya Pratap  VI A Shivika Jain             VI A & Gunjan Payal  VI B
VII Rohit Sharma         VII A Radhika Ramdev VII B Shreshth Agarwal  VII B

Congratulations to all !!