Workshop on Phonological Awareness on 01st Sept

“Teach the children to read so they can read to learn”

For every child reading is the key to success in school, to the development of out-of-school interests, to the enjoyment of leisure time and to personal and social adjustment. In the modern school, effective reading is the most important avenue to effective learning. Difficulty with reading is by far the most common characteristic of a student with learning difficulties. It is estimated that 90% of all children identified as having learning difficulties are referred for special education services because of reading problems.

 One cannot learn to read in isolation. Its dependence on other psychological processes cannot be emphasized enough. Reading is very closely related to other Neurodevelopmental Constructs – memory, language, attention and higher order cognition (Dr Mel Levin). Unfortunately, our schools fail to give reading its due importance and the child is expected to learn to read “automatically” without any formal instruction. Thus sowing the seeds of labored reading which has lifelong ramifications.

After the overwhelming response this workshop has got in schools all over the country, ORKIDS, in its attempt to enhance reading of students, is initiating a workshop on PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS in Jaipur. Phonological awareness is the foundation of skilled reading. It opens up numerous vistas for the children who can then use reading to further their learning.

Once equipped with the multisensory phonological teaching skills the instructor/teacher/educator can easily transit onto enhancing the fluency and the reading comprehension of the children.

The workshop will be conducted by Ms Geet Oberoi , Founder President , Orkids Multidisciplinary Clinics, who  has trained with Ms Arlene Sonday, the developer of The Sonday System, the multisensory, phonological program to teach how to read and spell.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND                                                                                                        

  •   Elementary school teachers
  •  Primary school teachers
  •  Teacher trainers
  •  Special educators
  •  Speech and language therapists
  •  Parents and interested individuals


  •   To equip the participant with the sequence of rules pertaining to teaching the students to read and spell.
  •  To apprise the participants of the importance of multisensory input.
  • To acquaint the participants of various resources/aids which can be used to enhance phonological awareness of the students

Venue :            The Palace School, The City Palace, Jaleb Chowk, Jaipur.

Date :                 01st Sept. 2012 

Timings :       10.00 am to 2.00 pm 

Events Postponed


Dear All,

The workshop on Phonological Awareness scheduled for 25th August, 2012 angEurope Day Celebration for Level II scheduled for 24th August, 2012 has been postponed.

The new dates will be notified later.