Blessings !!

The children of The Palace School got a rare opportunity of starting their day with the blessings and guidance of Brahma Kumaris on 25th July . Two volunteers from the Brahma Kumaris organization visited the school and shared the significance of good thoughts and purity of mind with the children.

They also explained in simple, easy –to-relate terms, the essence of the upcoming festival ‘Raksha Bandhan’.

The moral values such as respect for elders, politeness, honesty, humbleness, sharing , loyalty etc were explained and stressed upon in order to be truly content and successful in life. The downside of arrogance, rightly explained with the help of an interesting tale, had the children nodding their heads and voicing their agreement in unison, all for the spirit of teamwork and helpfulness.

Everything is possible, if one is compassionate and kind as these are the virtues akin to God. The precious moments spent listening to the invaluable wisdom of the Brahma Kumaris helped everyone to once again be refreshed in their positive outlook towards life.

The teachers also received their blessings, in the form of Rakhis tied to them, by the Brahma Kumaris.





Happy Teej !!

The festival of Teej, also known as the Sawan festival brings with it a vibrancy, happiness and gaiety symbolic of the monsoon season. Everyone from adults to children alike, men and women indulge in celebrating this festival by way of relishing delicious sweets especially ‘ghevar’. Women do not miss the opportunity to look and feel their best by adorning beautiful ‘Lehriyas’ and intricate mehndi on their hands.

The children of The Palace School were taken to The City Palace on a field trip to get a glimpse of Teej celebrations. They were told that Teej is celebrated in Shravan –the fifth month of Hindu calendar, which is one of the most auspicious months of the year.

Girls applied mehandi on their palms and witnessed the traditional celebrations. Children also enjoyed a musical puppet show. They immersed themselves in the colours of Teej, a festival which is widely celebrated in the state of Rajasthan.

Welcome Back !!

Summer vacation is the time for students and their mothers to unwind, relax and as the younger generation of today would say, ‘just chill’, despite the blazing heat of our Pink city.

We are sure all of you must have had a terrific summer break. While some of you must have visited beautiful places, others might have visited grandparents, relatives, and friends while others must have binged on movies, music and games.

The school itself was a place of hustle and bustle as the Summer Camp with its varied activities saw an overwhelming energy and enthusiasm in the participants.They exercised their physical and mental faculties in games like, cricket, football, dance, swimming, skating and lawn tennis. The fun that they had was writ large on their faces.

With the kids getting a perfect vent for their energy and time during the summers, how could we forget their moms ? The mothers got the opportunity to get away from their routine work to showcase their skills in art & craft and get valuable lessons in self-grooming that included skin care, nail art and eye make-up.

Now that the school has reopened, we hope and wish that all of you are fully rejuvenated and are well set for the rest of the academic session.

The tiny tots of class I were warmly welcomed today with colourful balloons bearing smiley faces. The youngsters’ joy knew no bounds when they were asked to blow their own balloons.

Thereafter , they came up and spoke excitedly about how they spent their vacations and enjoyed each moment.

The balloon bursting activity filled the students with joy and excitement thereby dispelling the gloom of coming back to school after a long break.

We warmly welcome all of you and hope that the summer break has made each one of you more fresh and agile.